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1. Background

I am currently a student, pursuing BCA (Bachelor Of Computer Applications) from Delhi, India. I've been using Linux since 2005, but started using it seriously since 2006. My first 'serious' Linux distro was (of course) Ubuntu. I am a pure geek and I love helping out other people; I always try my best to solve people's problems. As a student of computers, I know several programming languages; I'm well equipped with: C/C++, Perl, PHP, Bash and also Java and Python.

I'm also a web developer/designer and I know a fair amount of HTML and CSS.

2. IRC Information

I'm active on Freenode (nickname WhizKins or gastly), mostly in #kubuntu-devel, #kubuntu and #ubuntu-doc

3. Skills

I'm a self-proclaimed artist... I love to tinker with graphics software and make some random things in it. I like making banners, logo's, wallpapers and stuff's, just for fun Smile :)

4. Involvement

  • Helping out users in the Ubuntu forums.
  • I helped out with writing Kubuntu documentation for Lucid.
  • I have also written some guides and tutorials on my blog about Ubuntu and Linux in general.

  • I also write about Ubuntu/Linux for Linux Identity Magazine.

5. Future Ideas for Ubuntu

  • Organizing more events related to Ubuntu and FOSS.
  • Contributing to more projects.
  • Helping on the forums and IRC has always been a great experience and also it's fun, so I'd continue doing that as long as I can.
  • Programming is my favorite pastime and in the future, I would love to take some time off and help existing projects or hopefully start new ones Wink ;)

Cheers Smile :)

--= whizkins =--


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