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[[http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11217419#post11217419|My Membership Application Page]]




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  • About Me

I am a husband, father, and grandfather of four. I live in Texas in the United States. I enjoy going to church and spending time with my family. I first used a computer in 1987 when I was in college where I received a bachelor's degree in Sociology. My first computer was a Tandy it did not even have a hard drive just a floppy drive, and it run off of dos.

I am a veteran of the Armed Forces, where I served mainly over seas.

I first started trying to use linux around the year 2002, but I did not have much luck at first then I came across SuSe and was able to install and use it. A few years later I found Ubuntu and I have never used any other distribution since, except for testing purposes in virtualbox. The help I received in the Ubuntu Forum's and the ease of use of Ubuntu is what kept me using Ubuntu all these years.

  • Ubuntu Contributions

I began using the Ubuntu Forum's for getting help with issues like wireless and boot problems. I loved the community so much that when my schedule changed and allowed me the time to help others I started learning as much as I could so I would be able to help new people resolve issues so they will be able to keep using Ubuntu. I am currently helping family and friends install and use Ubuntu on there computers.

I started out contributing in New to Ubuntu and General Section of the forum but I have found a home with some great people in wireless and networking in 2011 so that is where I do most of my contributing now on a daily basis, six years later and I still help out their.

I also am testing Artful but to be honest it is running so smooth that there is not much to do at the moment.

I created a wiki for setting up the cube and compiz in 2011 however it is outdated at this time and I am not sure it is worth updating with all the changes in Ubuntu.

On 2012-06-29 I became a staff member on the Ubuntu Forums, my duties include removing spam, moving threads, watching for and taking care of trolls, merging threads and sending pm’s to users when neccassary.

On 2016-11-16 I became a supermoderator which I still do all the same duties that I did before with the added duties of helping other staff members with such things as giving advice, recommendations and guidance, answering their questions when I can, plus training to become an Admin on the Ubuntu Fourms that includes changing user names, disabling accounts and helping people get back into their original accounts that they have been locked out of them.

I also have an account on Ask Ubuntu where I have over 5500 reputation right now.

I answer question regarding wireless issues and help clean up and maintain the site by reviewing first answers and questions voting to open and close questions and reporting duplicates and poor quality answers or questions.

In 2012 I wrote a wireless script for gathering information to help diagnose wireless issues, it is hosted on the Ubuntu Forums Council github account and today it is used in many forums, it is also posted on Ask Ubuntu and has help thousands of people get their wireless issues fixed over the years, I still help test it and maintain it but I have a friend by the name of krytarik that is the person that writes all the code for the script these days.

Since March of 2017 I have taken over the Ubuntu Forums Facebook and Twitter Accounts, all Messages and tweets are my doing.

  • Interests and Hobbies

Besides spending time with my family I enjoy working with computers and Ubuntu and when I have the time riding cycles.

  • Goals

To be a friendly and helpful member of the Ubuntu Forums, and render assistance where needed.

Also to convert as many people as I can to Ubuntu, provide help when needed to them and have as much fun as I can while doing it.

To work with the Ubuntu Community in a broader sense by helping on boards where needed and finally to become an Admin on the Ubuntu Forums when and if needed.

  • Testimonials

If you would like to support me in my nomination to become an Ubuntu Board Member please leave your comments here.

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