I, Woodrow Shen, apply for MOTU.

I am applying because:

  • I'd like to contribute more packages in universe.
  • I'd like to reduce the burden on my sponsors.

Who I am

I am a software engineer who works for Canonical Taiwan branch since 2014, and currently my role is in charge of OEM IOT/classic projects for engineering/deliver to fit the requirements from customers.

My Ubuntu story

Before touching Ubuntu for long term, I was a Linux user (w/ other distros) to develop some applications for projects when I'm a student with BS/MS. Until I worked on NAS company, I started to use Ubuntu as my primary usage from precise (maybe). After that, I'm happy to work on Ubuntu related behind Canonical.

My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of


SRU for bionic







changes (WIP)


changes (WIP)




Areas of work

As I work on OEM enablement, I deal with various bugs/features from Ubuntu Core/Desktop/Server, and sometimes I dig kernel issues. I also focus on image build process what foundation did but it's more likely for customers.

Things I could do better

  • Sufficient resources to support upstream
  • Highly willing to cooperate with Ubuntu developers/mentors
  • Get connected between vendors/customers and community
  • Keep learning in python/go for bug-fixes

Plans for the future


For now, I'd like to divide my works into packaging/uploading/bug-fixes, but there is a sort of priority to handle the requests at some points. The SRU may depend on project-specific; sometimes I'm interested in kernel issues and try to figure out.

I think another point I can take care is the installer related (casper/ubiquity/subiquity), and will dive several bugs if I have leisure time.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Please describe what you like least in Ubuntu and what thoughts do you have about fixing it.


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=== General feedback ===
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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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