That's who...

Born: Amsterdam 1957

Born again: Ubuntu January 2005

That's when...

It's the "less" in Ubuntu that made us use it all over the place. Anyone in this house uses Ubuntu with pleasure.

  • Less program's installed the first time
  • Less effort to install
  • Less cd's to carry around
  • Less computing power needed
  • Less money needed to get it

But the one and only more in comparing it with other open OS's is a great one "more people use it".

  • Being a project manager ICT, it's a good thing to be part of the dutch team and helping organize it all.
  • Being a philosopher, it's a good thing to see the Ubuntu humanity philosophy.
  • Being a social human being, it's a good thing to see that it's free to get.
  • Being a Buddhist, it's a good thing to see the code's of conduct.

That's why.....

The things I give back to the Ubuntu-community are:

-Active member of the Ubuntu-NL team. -Active member of the Ubuntu-NL Event-team. -Organization of the Gutsy Release Party on 27 October 2007. About 500 visitors, many well known speakers

  • and lots of coffee and tea, it took two weeks to recover, so the next party must be

    organized with a little bit more help Wink ;-) and Hardy will be booming in the Netherlands.

-Active forum reader and answering machine when possible en usefull.

That's how...

That's it folks...


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