I'm 23 and live in Grenoble, France (SE of France).


  • eMail: <xerxas AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

  • Nickname on IRC: xerxas

  • Jabber: xerxas@jabber.fr

Life Interests

Pretty much everything but mainly computers. I'm pretty much interested in human science like linguistics, social sciences, psychology. I also like photography, mountains, skiing, hanging out with friends and get in a bad state.

Computer Bio

I'm a linux user since 10 years, begining with Kheops 3.3 (Kernel 2.0.34) (Kheops was a frenchized version of slackware). Then I used some times Redhat (4.2), Mandrake (5.1) and rapidly came to Debian (slink IIRC) I rapidly switched to sid and always loved unstable systems, moreover I always used the experimental repositary, and few unofficial ones. Then ubuntu made a lot of noise with its Warty, I heard about it, installed it and found that my dream is real, a stable unstable bleeding edge nice debian :). Now I'm using Breezy (back to instability). I'm really interested in every new things like composite in xorg composite, early userspace, NetworkManager, Jabber (with gajim), tomboy, beagle, banshee, or any other mono stuff. I long awaited for the udev/hal/dbus stack because I knew there was something to do in kernel (only udev). I'm now also really interested in web semantics, like rdf, owl, foaf, doap and also open standards that should work with semantics like svg, smil.

I'm starting programming since 3 or 4 years. I learnt C, C++, Java, PHP, xHTML/Css and python. The only language I call a language now is Python (I also now bourne shell and just a bit of perl).

Ubuntu Interests

I want to meet (real life or not) with other ubuntu members and share experience. I also want to help newbies on irc and advertise for ubuntu in real life. I'm interested in correcting bugs in packages, resync with debian packages or package things that are not in debian.

I have already packages pymsn (an msn protocol bindings in python), telepathy-butterfly (the msn connexion manager for telepathy which make use of pymsn), and tapioca-sharp (a High level telepathy api in c#). I'm planning on packaging Landell for feisty+1, a telepathy and tapioca client written in c#. I'm also doing a lot of bug triaging, mostly triaging "needs info" ones.

I'm not really keen on translation but I might help.


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