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My name is Roy Jamison and thanks for visiting my wiki page.

I have been using Ubuntu on and off since Dapper, and full time since Hardy.


I have been involved in linux since 2004, and with Ubuntu and the forwarding of the project as a whole since 2006. I have always been a fan of Ubuntu and linux and always promote it at every opportunity (much to others' annoyance at times), and try to convey the idea of Ubuntu and show the key differences between linux and other operating systems, i.e. Windows – security, spyware, malware, cost, etc. Since 2008 I have mainly been testing Development releases and reporting/triaging bug reports, including forwarding upstream, helping reporters who need it, and maintaining the high standard expected by a member of the Ubuntu Bug Control team. I applied for Bug Control early 2009 and was granted access and have been using this access responsibly and with the utmost diligence. Since the start of my bug triaging both as BugSquad and BugControl, I have triaged several thousands of bug reports; setting status, importance, forwarding to the necessary people, tagging appropriately, etc. and at time of writing have a Launchpad karma of over 7000. I have always had an interest in the MOTU side of things, and recently have begun my journey to become a MOTU. As yet I am still learning, but have a keen interest and very recently have helped merge a few packages. I am still trying to grasp the concept of packaging, but I do not believe it will take too long.


I am usually available on IRC at irc.freenode.net in the: #ubuntu, #ubuntu-bugs and #ubuntu-motu channels.

Future Plans

In the near future I plan on the following:

  • Increase my knowledge of the MOTU side of things
  • Begin packaging
  • Continue triaging bugs as Bug Control
  • Apply for MOTU membership when knowledgable enough
  • Continue being an advocate for this great OS


  • Since I have been involved with the Bug Squad I have found Roy to be an friendly and experienced triager, and if his launchpad karma is anything to go by, he is a pretty active one as well! He can nearly always be found on #ubuntu-bugs helping out new contributors, enthusiastically sharing his experience with them :). Ben Crisford ~bencrisford

  • Roy has been working on the BugSquad for a good time and he's also part of the BugControl team, his work on Triage side is really great and he's also participating on the majority of the UbuntuBugDays. If you ask me I'd give him a +1. PedroVillavicencio


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