I, Seyeong Kim, apply for Contributing Developer.


Seyeong Kim

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Who I am

I started Linux officially in 2001 with debian distribution, before that time, I just was an user on debian as a student, After joining university, I used Linux as project base operating system and my home desktop. After graduated, I developed cloud service based on Linux server and client several years in my own company before canonical.

My Ubuntu story

When I was in university and before canonical, I used Ubuntu for desktop and server system. I joined Canonical in 2014 as part of the Support and Technical Services Engineering team. and I've been working on issue various area such as virtualization, openstack, userland server and few kernel issue.

My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of




Openstack related works

Involved works

These could be duplicated with above. but shows me my work even only if I put comment on LP

Areas of work

I worked on various area in Ubuntu such as userland application, server, openstack component, juju, charms and a few of kernels.

Things I could do better

Joining and communicating with loco ubuntu team to share my contributions

Plans for the future

Nowadays I'm studying ceph code for contributing it. and Keep contributing Ubuntu as well


What I like least in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is easiest in linux world but still difficult to normal person for using it as Desktop


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I worked with Seyeong for over many years, and he's consistently been a smart, broad, and hardworking contributor. He's always responsive and delivers everything he commits to. His work on creating the sru-uploaders group is great, and will help many on our team both gain Ubuntu recognition and assist with our jobs! -- mimi0213kimo 2019-02-01 00:02:26


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Dan Streetman

General feedback

I sponsored one package for Seyeong, and I had some feedback on the changes; Seyeong was very responsive and got the patch ready quickly based on my feedback. Also, I have worked directly with him on my team at Canonical for several years. He's very skilled at debugging and I highly endorse him for Contributing Developer.

Specific Experiences of working together

I have worked on many bugs with Seyeong but the specific bug I sponsored for him is:

As I said above the initial round of patches did require some rework, but he was very responsive and the final sponsored change was good.

Areas of Improvement

As the SRU process is rather complex, I would like to sponsor a few more packages for him before I endorse him fo r higher levels such as SRU dev or Core dev, but I believe he has done far more than is needed for Contributing dev.

Eric Desrochers

General feedback

I have sponsored several packages for Seyeong. Seyeong has always been very open to any feedback I have provided to him and he did the necessary changes right and quick. Note that Seyeong is a colleague of mine for several years now, both being part of the Canonical Sustaining Engineering group, so I know Seyeong outside the sponsoring/SRU context. He is very skilled at debugging many aspects of Ubuntu. As a sponsor, my interactions with him have demonstrated his desire to do things right and his willingness to accept comments and make things better.

Specific Experiences of working together

Here's some of the bugs I have sponsored for Seyeong: (LP: #1748147) (LP: #1538284) (LP: #1717714)

Areas of Improvement

Seyeong wants to eventually become an Ubuntu uploader (SRU Developer, Core Developer, ...) As a next step moving toward that goal, I would like to see him refine his knowledge in the SRU/development release area, slowly become more and more independent/autonomous by knowing where to look at when things goes wrong (FTBFS, package stuck in -proposed for too long, ...) in order to unblock himself as much as possible, interact publicly on freenode #ubuntu-release, #ubuntu-devel with SRU vanguard or else. And of course, continue to do his great work at fixing Ubuntu and continue to gain experience by touching various packages. -- slashd 2020-12-04 23:58:17


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