Welcome Ubuntu user to my home page !

About me

  • Linux Experience : Started years ago with Mandrake 8.0 in the 90s and then Ubuntu 8.04/9.10/10.04 more recently.
  • IT proven Skills : C/C++, UML, Php, SQL, Bug management and validation procedures.

Main Ubuntu Interests

  • Improving Ubuntu Community work procedures.
  • Make Ubuntu better on Laptop.
  • Linux real time and Ubuntu cross compiler environments.
  • Translation and Documentation review.
  • Helping people get more involved in Ubuntu improvements.

Ubuntu Community Thoughts

  • Ubuntu Community seems not to like Forums, it mainly works with IRC and MailLists. I believe not using Forum brings difficulties into Ubuntu Community internal relationship and organisation.

  • Ubuntu Community is like a part of a galaxy with a black hole in the middle. The black hole should be considered as kernel.org and its debian.org and gnu.org twin super novas. Ubuntu takes vital energy from all of them: from kernel.org it takes the kernel, from debian.org it takes its architecture and design foundation and gnu.org feeds it with tons of resource code.
  • A good question is: what is Ubuntu Community field of action exactly. Where does Ubuntu starts and where dos it end ? Considering that Ubuntu OS essentially brings:
    • A selection of kernel configuration.
    • A hardware driver management and support: when a bug is reported to Ubuntu Community they will broadcast it to debian.org or kernel.org.
    • A selection of packages, from Desktop Manager like gnome.org or kde.org to games or web resources like mozilla.org or image design like gimp.org or document like lyx.org and openoffice.org.
    • Support and Promotion.
  • Ubuntu Community is then linked with a lot of other entities and finally seems just put together and test parts of the open source galaxy. It is not exactly true because some smart new parts are borderline of the open source continuum like adode.com, java.com, usb.org, ieee.org, chrome.com or some video codec and obviously microsoft.com.
  • Ubuntu Community is also historically linked with more technical communities like opensource.org, eclipse.org, mono-project.com, python.org, ruby-lang.org or gcc.gnu.org, gtk.org.
  • Linux and then Ubuntu Community is historically linked with server and web architectures. Thus other world like apache.org, php.org, mysql.com or w3.org, ntp.org.
  • Other good questions are:
    • Are all needed open source community identified ?
    • Are there people dedicated to critical part relationship management ?

Important Locations for Ubuntu Community

  • Kernel.org is the Open Source Community affording new linux-kernel releases to Ubuntu Community.
  • Debian.org is another Linux OS distribution like Ubuntu. Debian is less user-friendly than Ubuntu but much more technical.
  • Gnu.org is historically, a hudge repository of open source resources. It also manages GNU license enforcement.
  • Gnome.org is the default Desktop Environment provided with Ubuntu OS, it manages quite everything presented to user from login splash screen. It includes command panel, power and peripheral user level management and provides file browser and applications interface to user environment resources via glib and gtk.
  • Kde.org is an alternate Desktop Environment widely used on Ubuntu.
  • Mozilla.org is the community that provides Firefox web browser and Thunderbird mailbox.
  • Gimp.org is the community that provides gimp software for image creation and processing.
  • lyx.org is the community that provides Latex based document editor.
  • openoffice.org is the community that provides Open Office office suite.
  • opensource.org is a community that promotes open source code.
  • eclipse.org is the community that provides Eclipse code development suite for many languages.
  • gcc.gnu.org is the community that provides gcc and g++ C/C++ compiler and debugger for many platforms.
  • gtk.org is the community that provides glib and gtk+ resource and interfaces.
  • mono-project.com is the community that provides mono runtime, compiler and JIT debugger for C# applications.
  • python.org is the community that provides python interpreter for python scripts.
  • ruby-lang.org is the community that provides ruby interpreter for ruby scripts.
  • apache.org is the community that provides apache web server and CGI.
  • php.org is the community that provides php engine that can be launched on many server architectures and addressing several databases.
  • w3.org is the community that provides Internet www communication, HTML and XML specifications and standards.
  • ntp.org


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