I, Kaj Ailomaa, apply for upload rights for:

  • ubuntustudio-controls
  • ubuntustudio-default-settings
  • ubuntustudio-icon-theme
  • ubuntustudio-installer
  • ubuntustudio-lightdm-theme
  • ubuntustudio-live
  • ubuntustudio-look
  • ubuntustudio-menu
  • ubuntustudio-meta
  • ubuntustudio-screensaver
  • ubuntustudio-sounds


Kaj Ailomaa

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Who I am

Project leader for Ubuntu Studio, composer/musician, currently pursuing a career in IT, with a great passion for GNU/Linux. When I'm not sitting by the computer, or making music, I try to get outdoors running or cycling.

My Ubuntu story

Being a musician and a fan of Linux based distributions, I found some problems while trying to install a suitable system for audio production. Further along the road, this lead to me getting in touch with the Ubuntu Studio community and becoming involved in developing Ubuntu Studio. I had previously been interested in software development, but did not have much experience of the administrative process involved in organized software development. During my time in Ubuntu Studio I've tried to fix problems, in both the system, and in how to easier get people involved in developing it.

My involvement

  • Project leader for Ubuntu Studio
  • maintainer of linux-lowlatency (no upload rights)

  • Bug reporting and fixing of packages within the Ubuntu Studio package set.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

My work for linux-lowlatency, which is the core component needed for doing serious audio work on Ubuntu. Also, organizing the development procedure for Ubuntu Studio, and writing docs for it at, making sure the introduction for new contributors to Ubuntu Studio development is as pain free as possible.

Things I could do better

Ubuntu Studio really needs more contributors, in all areas, and that is something we in the Ubuntu Studio team need to improve. Documentation for Ubuntu Studio devs needs to improve as well, as a preparation for that. I myself will be around the project for as long as I need to, and it is important to have people like that, who have experience and understanding of the process, who can act as mentors for newcomers. My goal is to grow more people like that in our community.

Plans for the future

Ubuntu Studio is probably the most popular linux based distribution aimed at multimedia production, but my goal is for it to be more of a showcase rather than a custom distro. The goal is to make as much changes upstream as possible, making it easy to set up any Debian based distribution for multimedia production. We need to change how realtime privileges are granted for users and also simplify - from a user POW, how jack applications interact with the audio system.


What I like least in Ubuntu

From the standpoint I have, what I like the least is the trouble a user must go through in order to make Ubuntu, or any other Debian based distro, running acceptably for low latency audio operation. Finding and setting up applications is quite a chore. All of this can be fixed by creating standards, in some cases in Debian, some cases all the way upstream with the application developers.


I have seen Kaj working with Ubuntu Studio for quite some time now; his input is always constructive, he works well with other people and isn't afraid to stand behind his words and on the other hand, step down when needed. I met Kaj in UDS-R personally and seeing him (work) only reaffirmed my thoughts. While I am not the right person to evaluate contributions on a technical level, Kaj's perpetual contributions are always high quality and useful for the project. I can strongly recommend giving him the upload rights for the specified package set. -- knome 2014-02-04 12:30:56

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Dimitri John Ledkov

General feedback

Kaj has necessary technical skills to package and maintain software for debian like operating systems, which he does demonstrate in Debian. In ubuntu, as a flavour lead he is well versed in ubuntu policies and procedures for creating, customizing and maintaining an official flavor with added value on top of regular ubuntu and/or xubuntu. He knows how to excercise caution and handle changes during milestones and releases. I endorse his application for upload rights for ubuntustudio-* packages.

Specific Experiences of working together

Graphics, design customization and installer for ubuntustudio.

Areas of Improvement

If upload rights for all packages seeded in studio are desired, I'd want to see more involvement in packaging and maintenance of xfce in either Debian or Xubuntu, as well as general +1 maintainance / archive work on a specific set of packages e.g. multimedia / libav.

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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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