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Zach Hogan

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zhogan85 on IRC.freenode.net

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English, Swahili

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Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal


Hi, my name is Zach Hogan and I currently work in publishing. Before this, I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania, where I taught Maths and Physics at a rural secondary school. That was when I began using Ubuntu. I had been a long time Mac user prior to that and I wanted to take a netbook with me to Tanzania but did not want to run Windows, so I installed eeebuntu. From that first distro, I've hopped around the Linux world a bit, and have run many different distributions.


I realize that the power of Ubuntu is derived from its enormously generous community contributions, and I wish to contribute to the community and continue to learn. I hope to join the MOTU and begin to assist in packaging, patching, and bug-fixing.


I am located in EST, or UTC -5, and am available via email.


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