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This project is inspirated by StartUbuntu. This project is inspired by StartUbuntu.

Zeljko Popivoda aka zpop


Ubuntu Member of Ubuntu LoCo Team of Serbia → http://forum.ubuntu-rs.org/User-zpop.

Ubuntu Posts about Ubuntu on my blog (serbian language) → http://zeljko.popivoda.com/tag/ubuntu/.

Ubuntu Posts about Lubuntu on my blog (serbian language) → http://zeljko.popivoda.com/tag/lubuntu/.

Ubuntu Lubuntu Serbia. Lubuntu info and tutorials in serbian language → http://lubunturs.wordpress.com/. This project is inspired by StartUbuntu.

Ubuntu Works on SpreadUbuntuhttp://spreadubuntu.org/users/zhpopivoda.

Ubuntu Works on Wordpress → https://profiles.wordpress.org/zpop/.

Ubuntu Demos of works → http://zpop.site90.net/, http://zpop.site90.net/blog/.

Ubuntu StartUbuntu activities → https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StartUbuntu/Activities.

Ubuntu Lauchpad → https://launchpad.net/~zhpopivoda.


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