Ubuntu Official Ubuntu Membership means recognition of significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.

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This page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about the Ubuntu Membership Process, if you have a question that you think should be answered here, get in touch with the UMB (see footer).

I'm ready to apply?

  • This is more of a personal question, do you feel engaged with the project, the activities and the people you've contributed with?, do you agree with the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and are interested in representing the project in your country/region?, someone has suggested you to apply?, you've contributed extensively to an important Ubuntu project/subproject/upstream and you'd like to have voice in the Ubuntu Community?, You constantly dream with an Ubuntu powered Skynet?, if you've answered affirmatively to any of those questions, we want you!

    Non Ubuntu official Members are encouraged to participate as well, help us to bring an awesome, open and free operation system to more human beings, the Ubuntu Membership is not requirement for collaboration, you can always apply for Ubuntu Membership whenever you feel more comfortable.

What would happen if I don't get approved?, can I reapply?

  • Yes, absolutely, the fact that you applied in the first place indicate that you're strongly interested in joining formally the Ubuntu Community, the UMB will try as its best capabilities to help you achieve this goal. Sometimes however the UMB agrees that your contributions haven't been enough or that you're still not engaged with the project/people involved and will reject your application. The UMB will indicate on these cases where you can improve and will suggest to re apply once you meet the requirements.

Can I and some friends apply at the same time?

  • Yes!, however it's important to note that applications are evaluated personally, if you and your friends have contributed in the same way (probably working together in a Loco Team) make sure to enlight the specific aspect where you've contributed. Showcase original content even if you use the recommended wiki layout, similar wiki pages or vague descriptions could decrease the changes to obtain the Ubuntu Membership.

Do I need to re-apply at some point? / How long will I be an Ubuntu Member?

  • The Ubuntu Membership is given long-life. Every 2 years however you'll need to reaffirm the membership through Launchpad. By being part of the Ubuntu Community you agree with the Ubuntu Code of Conduct we trust you to honor its principles.

If you have a question, you've found an error|improvement on this page or wish to give private testimonials email ubuntu-membership-boards@lists.ubuntu.com (your message may initially be held for moderation).

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