Ubuntu Official Ubuntu Membership means recognition of significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.

LWN Subscriptions for Ubuntu Members

Ubuntu members are entitled to a subscription to Linux Weekly News.


  1. Apply for an account at Linux Weekly News. If you have an existing account you can skip this step.

  2. Send a mail to michelle (at) canonical dot com (preferably using your ubuntu.com address) asking for a subscription sponsorship. This email MUST contain:
    • Your LWN username
    • Your Launchpad username.
  3. You will receive a mail when the subscription has been accepted.
  4. Enjoy LWN! (Read the FAQ)


There is a high amount of requests for these accounts, so unused account subscriptions are disabled and given to someone else if they remained inactive for 5 months. They can be enabled again, just email again per above when you next need it again.

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