Tomasz 'Zen' NapieraƂa

Email: <tomasz AT SPAMFREE napierala DOT org>

For contact info please see my LP page: https://edge.launchpad.net/~tzn

Who Am I?

Systems Architecture Engineer, currently working for second biggest world trade platform (yes, struggling eBay all the time). I really enjoy working on new projects, which means (at the moment of writing): Linux/other OS integration, LDAP, Kerberos, SSO, etc.

Want me to be excited? Buy me new gadget. Currently using G1, trying to implement SyncML on that (would be very happy to see ready to use implementation)

Areas of interest

servers, cache proxies (squid, varnish), inter OS intergration

Ubuntu Contributions

Mainly translations, although I was the sole organizer of polish first ever (and the only) Ubuntu Release Party. I'm trying to be animator of polish LOCO, but I lack atitude and I'm completely out of charisma Wink ;)


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