• Launchpad Entry: desktop-r-dash-online-music-search

  • Created: Oct. 09, 2012

  • Contributors: Xiaodong Yi

  • Packages affected: Unity


Enhance Dash to support searching online music.

Release Note

The music lens of Dash will be enhanced to be able to search online music, just like video lens does.


Online music searching is a favorite point for many desktop users. There are also many websites providing online music resources. So why not search online music in desktop OS?

User stories

After powering up the box, Coco picks up her earphone, click Dash to search the most popular songs today, and enjoy them while working. Perfect!



The music lens will be designed to have the similar appearance as the video lens.


Online music scope can be implemented in the same way as online video scope. Besides, the Ubuntu dash server also needs to be improved to support indexing for online music.

Test/Demo Plan

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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