I, أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy), apply for MOTU.


أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy)

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أحمد المحمودي

Who I am

I am a digital design engineer.

My Ubuntu story

My involvement

I've been using Linux since 1999, started with Redhat 5.1. Then I tried Debian (I think it was 2.1) in 2000, I was really fascinated with Debian, but then it was too hard for me to use (I recall the setup took me hours). Then I moved on to Mandriva (it was called Mandrake before). My first experience with Ubuntu was in 2006 using Breezy. I really like the fact that it's based on Debian with its very rich repository, and yet it is easy to use. I was fascinated that my wifi just worked ! This encouraged me to participate in Ubuntu (& Debian) to make them even better !

In July 2009, I got accepted as a Ubuntu Contributing Developer. Also I got accepted as a Debian Maintainer on March 2010.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

  • Migrating patch system for sl-modem to quilt, the hard part was splitting the different patches, which made me track the history of sl-modem.

  • Packaging dico, a RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server. This is my first python package to be accepted !

  • Patching TeXLive 2007 package to compile against poppler 0.12 (LP #438031)

  • Several fixes for javahelper. (#536895, #537059, #537074, #537241, #537262)

  • Adding --git-overlay option in git-buildpackage to support cases where git only hosts the debian/ dir. (#411206)

Areas of work

I generally focus my contributions on package maintenance, as well as the introduction of new packages. I attempt to fix bugs that affect me, as well as bugs of the packages I maintain. A list of packages I have introduced and/or currently maintaining in Debian and Ubuntu can be found in Launchpad and Debian QA (old email) (new email).

I also work on Sabily which is a derivative distribution from Ubuntu.

In Debian, I am mostly active in the Debian Electronics and Debian Islamic Maintainers teams.

Things I could do better

Plans for the future


  • Short term:
    • Getting a new package gst123 into Debian (& hence Ubuntu)

    • Patch Minbar, Monajat & Hijra(not in official Ubuntu repository) applets to use Ubuntu's new notification system.

  • Long term:
    • Better support for Hijri calendar system (see below)
    • Better support for Uthmani script (script used in writing Qur'an), actually I've added a blueprint about this.

    • Better arabic support for the console. I have make a package for bicon some long time ago, but I haven't uploaded it yet to Debian nor Ubuntu, because the copyright file still needs to be revised. Another option would be patching every console utility (or at least those that I care about) to use FriBidi, but that would be such a tedious task, and probably complex for those utilities that make a good use of ncurses windowing.

What I like least in Ubuntu

  • There is no support for non-solar-based calendars. There is no support for lunar-based calendars (Hijri) for example. I think that this has to be done down in glibc. I have started a blueprint regarding this matter. Also I've been approached by someone who was working on getting it implemented in javascript for gnome-shell.

  • Canonical being the copyright holder of tools created for Ubuntu project, I prefer if it was Ubuntu foundation instead.


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Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

I reviewed a number of packages of Ahmed and I was impressed with the quality of packaging and how Ahmed collaborated with others. He definitely should be a MOTU.

Specific Experiences of working together

Benjamin Drung

General feedback

I sponsored a couple of sync requests. All were well described and I had nothing at all to complain about. Ahmed does all the work in Debian and sync the package to Ubuntu then.

Specific Experiences of working together

Stefan Ebner

General feedback

I sponsored a couple of sync requests, they were top quality and I had nothing at all to complain about. Just like Benjamin said: Ahmed does all the work in Debian and sync the package to Ubuntu then.

Specific Experiences of working together


General feedback

I've sponsored Ahmed at least 8 times. Most were sync requests or small bug fixes, but merging courier was one of them. Ahmed is also a developer in Sabily, a specialized Ubuntu derivative oriented towards Muslim users. I have also sponsored packages related to this effort such as sabily-xsplash-artwork. I have also followed some of his sl-modem work via launchpad bugs (I think because I'm on the release team). The interactions have always been good and I've had no trouble with the quality of Ahmed's packages.

Specific Experiences of working together

In one case he jumped on fixing a bug I'd reported, but hadn't dealt with. I then sponsored the upload. That was a nice virtuous cycle (blueman). His Sabily packages have always been good. I didn't sponsor the plymouth theme, but did review it. As a developer for a small derivative, Ahmed can end up whipped about at the last moment and he has always dealt with it well. He's had to deal with some very trying bug reporters in sl-modem. He tried to deal with them himself and did the right thing and asked for help when things were getting out of hand. In the case of courier, his merge was correct on the first try. He asked questions where he had them rather than guessing and getting it wrong. Courier is often my final 'test' of if someone is ready for MOTU. He is. Recommended.

Areas of Improvement

Nothing I can think of.

Alessio Treglia

General feedback

I reviewed and uploaded/sponsored a number of merges/syncs of Ahmed, the quality of his patches was always highest and I couldn't find any issue with his work. Therefore I'm happy to endorse this application.

Specific Experiences of working together


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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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