Tested with

  • Processor : AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000
  • Ram : 2x 2GiB Kingston 800MHz
  • HDD : Seagate Baracuda 500GB / 32 MB Cache

Linux installation

  • Installed : Intrepid (8.10) amd64 from the LiveCD. The installation was flawless.
  • Tried : Intrepid x86 LiveCD (Launched just fine and seemed O.K. but i didn't do much testing under x86)


Firmware (BIOS) update

This is not Ubuntu related, but since it allowed me to avoid using DOS...

Everything was working perfect out of the box, but somewhat, I was determined to do a firmware update. The manual shipped with the motherboard states that you have to perform software update either using a floppy drive or a DOS based application. This somewhat means that if you don't have a floppy drive, you cannot do an BIOS update with Ubuntu.

A little web searching revealed that you can actually use a USB drive instead of the floppy (just follow the manual's protocol using a USB Drive instead of a floppy). The one I used was FAT32 formatted, a few sites report that it wont work with anything else than FAT16 or FAT32.


After installing from the LiveCD, everything was fine. Proceeding to updates without using nVidia's driver broke X. Reinstalled and installed nVidias (version 177) prior to performing updates and everything went fine.

Had a little problem with windows titles flickering which was fixed after nVidia's version 180.

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