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Alberto Mardegan

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Who I am

Alberto Mardegan, Italian living in Finland since 2006. Currently working for Canonical (Product Strategy), taking care of the Ubuntu Online Accounts framework.

My Ubuntu story

I started with Debian since cannot remember when. Smile :-) I first tried Ubuntu in 2006 and it was love at first sight. Since then, I've always been running Ubuntu and converted quite a few family members and friends to using it.

My involvement

Everything about Online Accounts, and some work on the System Settings application for Ubuntu Touch.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Areas of work

I've been in close collaboration with the desktop team for Online Accounts (especially Ken VanDine and [[| Didier Roche]]) and the Ubuntu Touch System Settings (Sebastien Bacher).

Things I could do better

I'm generally quite forgetful, so unless I manage to do something right away, it's not uncommon that people have to ping me a couple of times to remind me of some tasks.

Plans for the future


I'm generally interested in all parts of an OS, and I occasionally read/study some code that I have no real need to know. I'd like to make this interest fruitful, by helping sharing knowledge in the Ubuntu-devel mailing list and possibly contribute more code to other projects.

And of course, continue working on the tasks that I'm assigned to.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Not very specific to Ubuntu: I didn't yet find a desktop environment which I'm 100% satisfied about. Sometimes I feel that, in the Linux desktop, software architecture could be done much better.


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General feedback

Alberto has made some incredible contributions to Ubuntu. He was primarily responsible for creating Ubuntu Online Accounts, which has been a huge success. His code quality and commitment to the Ubuntu experience has been invaluable.

As we've shifted our platform and toolkits to Qt/QML, he has often been my goto guy for Qt/QML questions, his knowledge and experience of the toolchain is great.

Most recently, Alberto has been responsible for creating the new systems settings container and plugin system for Ubuntu Touch. Of course he has done a great job of creating something that is easily extendible for other plugin developers.

Specific Experiences of working together

I've been handling the integration of Alberto's work for Ubuntu Online Accounts and System Settings since the projects began. Alberto has maintained a high bar for quality and been very responsive to the distro's needs for bug fixes, testing requirements and improvements.


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