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I'm a Developer and System Administrator from the Philippines, currently living in Singapore. Whenever I have some spare time, I try to help out with things that I encounter during my day to day use of Ubuntu. My primary interests as of now are PHP, Ruby, Python, Tagalog translation and System Administration. I've been using GNU/Linux since around 2002 during my college days. I have worked as a Java programmer and used a mix of Debian and Ubuntu workstations. It was also while working at my Java job that I got my first shipment of Ubuntu Warty CDs and used it to power a couple of server machines. I gave the other CDs away to my friends so they can try it out. An office-mate used it as his workstation and the other team used it as a Server. Smile :)

I'm currently working as a web developer.



  • Some participation with Philippine LoCo Team meetings in IRC

  • Giving away copies of Ubuntu that I got from ShipIt to my friends


  • Helping out with Ubuntu support tickets on LP
  • I usually hang out at #ubuntu-ph on and help users with their queries

Translation and Localisation

Quality Assurance and Bugs

  • Bug monitoring/verification on Malone for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-Website

I usually check with Debian upstream if existing bugs on Ubuntu have been fixed. If the Ubuntu version has been updated, I try to verify and close the open bugs on LP (motujava). I also hang out at both #debian-java and #ubuntu-java to try and coordinate stuff when I am able to. I don't have the powers and knowledge to make/submit changes to Ubuntu packages yet, but this is an area where I would like to work on.

I usually check for bugs in Eclipse and other popular Java applications and see if the fixes in Debian have already been added for Ubuntu too.

Plans for Ubuntu

I'd like to see better support for Free Java in Ubuntu since this is an area, which, I think lacks manpower yet a lot of people use it. Coordination with Debian upstream would be good so as not to duplicate effort. Having said that, I think having a better system to coordinate with Debian upstream (for all packages in general) would be really nice. I usually lurk in Debian's pkg-java list and IRC channel so that I have knowledge with what is going on.

Also, since I am now a system administrator (and no longer a Java dev), I'd also like to see more of Ubuntu on server machines (although we don't really use "server hardware", just PCs, it would still be really cool if Ubuntu ran/gets installed with minimum effort).

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