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About Me

Hello! I work with Oracle Database. I am an Oracle DBA. My Areas of responsibility includes managing the Oracle Database and the contracting of the database itself, protect data and transactions and other tasks concerning the management, administration and maintenance. Currently a member of Launchpad Beta Testers, Users Launchpad, Ubuntu and Ubuntu Users BugSquad, I have always admired and respected since the first Ubuntu release. Member of Launchpad Translators,Launchpad Community Development Team.


* I have contributed in Silva CMS, SilvaMailing is to translate that to the Bug Management.

* I have contributed and continue to contribute to Ubuntu, Ubuntu Tweak SuperTuxKart and Translations.

  • Launchpad Translators
  • Launchpad Community Development Team
  • Ubuntu BugSquad

  • Launchpad Beta Testers
  • Launchpad Users
  • For more details about my contributions in Ubuntu and launchpad,

    see my launchpad link:


  • Oraconfig is a script .sh configures itself to ensure that the prerequisites needed for the installation of Oracle Database on Ubuntu. From here you can download the tar.gz package:
  • Oraconfig/doc

Future Goals

Currently my future goal is to continue to contribute to the development of Ubuntu and Launchpad, trying to be helpful to the community doing my best.


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