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Hello, my name is Henry Agudelo , I'm a Manager of Marine and Costal Resources MSc. I'm from Cali, Colombia but I live in Medellin and I use Linux since 1998 (Linux registered user #471842), but only until now I'm registry in a team and use Ubuntu for all days.


* Icthyology group

* Ubuntu Colombian Team

I want to help the community and spread the word and change the people in the scientific comunity to use Linux. Interests

* Ubuntu * GNOME (user & fanatic of the GNOME Desktop)

* And a lot of things...

Información de contacto

    • Email: [MAILTO]pezlinux (at) lycos (dot) com
    • Apodo en el Foro: arawana.
    • Apodo en IRC: arawana en la red [WWW] (#ubuntu-co).
    • Blogs y demás

Personal Objetives

  1. Show to Scientific community the advantages of Linux.
  2. Change the vision in my Lab about Linux and change all the computers of there to Linux.
  3. Support for newbies.

Vision of Ubuntu in Colombia

  1. Change the mind of normal users about Linux, this don't bites.
  2. make more FLISOL'es and make law's for the use of Linux in Public institutes
  3. Say to the world Linux is the best Plataform, changeit
  4. Maybe if my knowledge permits make developed Scientific tools for Linux for the Natural Resources




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