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The first group and always a favorite, P.L.U.G. (Phoenix Linux Users Group)

  • I will go into the importance of this group later on in discussions but for now know that this group is the

backbone of the society as far as I can tell and I am glad that we are working together to educate people.

Go and checkout what they are up to at: PLUG

We are in the process of putting the meeting notes for each of the groups into our site. for now here is a taste. Click on the link below. Thanks and enjoy.

* April, 20 2013 * May, 4 2013

An up and coming group, Ethical Hackers.

This group is young and as such has not yet found their real voice. But, I do believe that they are working hard to find a direction and until they do I applaud them in their endeavors.

On continuing pages I will go into the areas of focus and the need to support such hard working individuals in all they do to better our computing experience! Thank you for now and until next time.

I am just putting in this gif to show support for the conference that I went to in March. A little Conference called S.C.A.L.E. The Southern California Linux Expo. I really enjoyed it and I will be going back next year! I recommend that you all check it out at scale11x. You will not regret it.

Here is a cool gif for your site if you want to help promote. SCALE.gif

Thanks, akrhodey

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