Arthur Peters

About Me

I am a student at NYC College of Technology (CityTech) and live in Brooklyn, NY. I am a die-hard Linux user and I want to see Linux succeed. I run Ubuntu on my dual Pentuim 3 1GHz and on my Compaq laptop (see LaptopTestingTeam/CompaqPresarioR3000z).

Install Non-Default Features Script

I have written a Python script with a simple GUI that will install the packages needed for various nice features that are for one reason or another not part of the base system. This prime example of this is MP3 playback support, but the script will also add all the little things listed in the Useful Tidbits section below. This version works as of Dapper daily 20050519.

Download the script

To run it download it from the link above. Right click on it in the file manager (or on your desktop) and select "Properties". In the Properties window select the "Permissions" tab from the tab across the top of the window and check the box before the word "Executable" (there are three, the top one is enough). This will make the file executable as a program. Now double-click the file in the file manager. A window should appear with 4 buttons click "Run" and follow the prompts. You will need to enter your password (the same one you use to login).

Good Luck.

Useful Tidbits

  • On file sharing, WEBDAV and ZeroConf (AKA Bonjour or Rendezvous): The gnome-user-share package provides a nice easy WEBDAV share for users and advertises it via Avahi. You can browse these shares using the Network "folder" in Nautilus or Mac OS X (maybe Windows XP too I haven't tried). To set it up install it and then select "Personal File Sharing" in the System -> Preferences menu. (2005/01/24)

  • On name resolution and Zeroconf: The libnss-mdns package allows normal name lookups to resolve names using mDNS. This removes the need for a local DNS server for such names. (2005/01/24)
  • On network configuration, wireless network surfing and NetworkManager: Installing the network-manager package provides a system that dynamically handles network interfaces. Once you have it installed, run "nm-applet" in a terminal or add "nm-applet" to your start up programs in System -> Preferences -> Session -> Start Up Programs and then logout then back in. This will display a little widget in your system tray that allows you to control NetworkManager. (see NetworkMagic) (WARNING: this makes it easy to change the network configuration and avahi does not like that. You will find that when you assocciate with a new network avahi will quit working. To get it going again restart avahi-daemon and all the programs using it.) (2006/01/26)

  • On playing DivX or XVid videos with MP3 or AC3 audio: Totem can play many standard formats (incl. DivX, XVid, MP3, AC3) if you install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly and gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg (from universe). (2005/01/25)
  • On playing DVDs: I haven't figured this out yet. Except that you can play them with xine or mplayer, sort of. It may not support encrypted DVDs (a.k.a. most of them). (see also RestrictedFormats)

  • On playing MP3s: They will play in Rhythmbox if you install gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg. (see also RestrictedFormats)

  • On playing Oggs: They will play on the base system with no extra packages.


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