Opening note: I'm new to the Ubuntu community, and Ubuntu itself, having only had the program for a little over a week now, but immediately falling in love, and wanting to participate in the community which has some design needs. My first point to start from was the Gutsy Icon Review, which pointed out help needed in a number of different icons installed by default, so I decided that was the best place to start. These icons are all pure vector.

Also, I've never been great at Wiki markup, so I've been able to attach these images, but not make them viewable, so instead I hosted them on my website, which worked, but I'd prefer they weren't on there. If some nice person would like to post them over onto the Ubuntu wiki and make them still viewable on this page, that would be lovely.

Anyway, on with the icons...


The first needed icon I wanted to try to tackle was the tracker search tool, which right now is simply a computer with a magnifying glass on it. For association, the first thing that came to mind was the device in "Aliens", ("10 meters! 8 meters"), so I decided to work with that. I tried not to make the icon too terribly flashy, since it's for an accessory, so I just tried to go simple. Here's the result.

And here's the icon in the standard icon sizes of 128x128, 64x64, 32x32, and 16x16

Open Office icons

There was also the complaint about the OOo icons is being too similar, and showing the documents rather than an icon for the programs. I did a Google Image search for different icons, and came up with what's below...

I liked what the artist put forth, except the whole thing felt a bit glassy to me, at odds with the Human interface, and possibly a bit blurred out as it got smaller. But I liked the design he had forth, so I put together this packet.

And here's a size comparison of the Write icon, same sizes as before...

X Sane

Next, it was off to the Xsane icon, which I personally feel is the worst of the bunch. I made a vector version of the logo, then played around with different scanner images, in the hopes of coming up with something immediately recognizable as being what it is. THe version of the scanner, no outlines, with the logo, is my favorite of the bunch, but I thought I'd put the whole pack online in case anyone felt differently.

(the background in it is orange because I was trying to see how they meshed with the Ubuntu orange, plus there's one version where a white background would have knocked out part of the scanner.

And a size comparison of the version with the logo and the outline.


Finally, my favorite so far. The Serpentine logo as it stands right now is basically the iTunes logo, so that's no good. I started hunting around for good snake shapes, finally landing on a cobra because it's recognizable, and it looks nothing like a python, and I didn't want people to be confused about that, so the idea was a cobra wearing headphones. Here's my result...

And again, size comparison...

Bluetooth Analyzer

This one I forgot about when I did this update, but I changed the Bluetooth Analyzer icon, going for the sort of obvious correlation of a blue tooth. This could also take the place of "Bluetooth Preferences"



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