Hardy Heron Artwork

Contribute to an /Alternate look.

The Artwork for 8.04, the Hardy Heron is nearing final. Here are the files for both GDM as well as the wallpaper.

For IntrepidIbex, we want to work in a new direction, creating a top-down new look for Ubuntu. HardyHeron, an LTS, will not be doing anything too adventureous.

We will be having monthly meetings. If you wish to attend, details are here Artwork/Meetings

A Few Guidelines

Ubuntu, historically used primarily brown and orange for its artwork. Corporate and shiny silver and blue is not going to work thematically for Ubuntu. A new definition of the official colour theme for work eligible for default selection coming soon. Organics, as a whole, mesh with Ubuntu's image, name and philosophy. Be creative, don't just do the same SVG waves again. For your own, independent work, bring to the table what thematically represents Ubuntu to you, in an aesthetically pleasing way.


Things to keep in mind

  • Be aware that anything not following the official guidelines (coming soon) will not be eligible as a default.

  • Please make sure all wallpapers and other non ui elements such as mockups use thumbnails with a maximum height of 240 pixels. If it doesn't work in that size, you should most likely tweak your composition.

  • Don't use a large Ubuntu name, or too large a logo. Branding, if any, should be small and tasteful.
  • The final choice of artwork, is up to Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu. His decisions are final and not something to be squabbled about.
  • Other worthwhile pieces will go into a community theme package.
  • We also need themes, icons, splashes, and sounds too!

Where do I start?

More information on artwork direction, concepts and palettes will be coming very soon...after that the following steps will apply:

If you're starting a theme, review the ../SubmissionGuidelines and copy and paste the ../SubmissionTemplate to start out.

If you currently have an idea, not in line with the official guidelines to submit specifically for Hardy, please place it into /Alternate

Rough Timeline -- HardyReleaseSchedule


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