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Ubuntu's bars

Hi there you U. nation n crew!

After trying to use a screen wide image to skin my kde pannel and getting some wierd result, i had the idea that skinning the bars could be done by using some png with predefined size regions like, a left centre and right section witch would be 3 skin-lines that would be repeated, or as much regions as needed...Even with corners and shadoes sections or skin-lines fade throught areas.... it could use png's transparencity too..like applying degradation to each loopable skinlines in order to make them mix better on the final tray result. I guess that the appelet that configures the pannels (word that i were seekin:P) could configure the application of those 2 or 3 bar colors with the position of icons and menus...making the bar compile or assemble with darker colors for tasks and lighter colors for menus and icons, and the last third color for the clock or whatever it could be applied at. Making png images collapse together makes transparencity fade to opaque whitch is good to note.... So if the bar use a png file with 2 diferent repeat skin lines it will just cut in to the middle and apply it all on. If it uses a png with fading for easy eyecandish look, it would use the line in the middle of each spots to loop one pix by one pix or whatever how large and applying transparencity all over till the sectionfade where the last loop line will drop its gradiant... And if it can use some corners and separation it would be split in 3 sections per line type, cut to left, centre and cut to right....Again using fading could be cool withins, with static lines it would do too... Mayby what the appelet would need is something like "fade/dont" "number of sections" "flat/with corners" "Section type switch" (make pale for menu and dark for running apps or invert this" and as for a finale it could even add some wave effect adding a 25% opaque layer moving over the menus in a told direction when a certain event occurs like mouseover or whatever... witch could rock tha planks o_O

What i made, whitch is a small, realy small contribution, but that can be applied to any brand new buntu suit, or mayby not yet koz of position-related issues... can be found here Link1 http://dijimucks.deviantart.com/art/Skinish-Colors-for-ubuntu-74391579 Link2 (somewere on this page) (file named SkinColors barres et theme.tar.gz.tar.gz)

Wallpaper link(newly added): http://dijimucks.deviantart.com/art/Skinish-colors-f-ubuntu-theme-74400496 (i belive that light colors are greater than dark colors for wallpapers, and ubuntu should be as light as possible as for my opinion...) (its simple but fits the theme and bar :P )

The archive includes a desktop screenshot, useable skin bar for top and bottom pannels (with zones) and 2 metacity themes whitch has human skin color applied to it and gives a soft feeling while working on the station!

(if anyone want to go in depth with the idea, you can use those files freely and may give credits if ever is anyhow possible if not well....aint that bad ill survive without congrats:P)

Also, if i am not clear here or there, whitch can surely occurs, you can contact me at kyfkyft(arrobas)msn.com and ill try to put a blush again on the idea. (also a reedition of my tread could make the thing be better koz im canadian french O_o )

Screenshot of what i get with further efforts than withins the tar.gz https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/Pannels?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=The+Plan.png

i'm tryn to be as messy as possible here and add this: i'll make additionnal artwork to visualy explain the thing quickdrawedfully but great thanxly.

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