Kith Intrepid

"Kith Intrepid" is a theme based "Kith" (Hardy), the lightweight cousin of the "Union" theme. The goal of the theme is not to set new art precedence, but merely go with "what looks good and would be functional"

Currently the theme plan is to use the same buttons from the themes in the reference links, and enable the outer "Window Halo" with Emerald. The window frames for non-compiz machines would be similar to the original Kith theme, with no need for emerald.

Kin Intrepid

Due to it's similarities to Kith, Kin Intrepid will be updated in this wiki. Kin is essentially a more flashy version of Kith. Update 1: Live emerald theme is finished.

Revision 0.01


Live image:


This screenshot is inaccurate as it uses clearlooks, but it's a close(er) example of what I want it to look like. I GIMP'd the image to include what the glow around the buttons looks like, and it's exactly what it looks like if you've tried the Kith theme (only with minor corrections for the Kin theme).

Downloads to come as portions are completed.

Progress Updates

The theme is now once again underway; I needed hardware and a net connection, I now have both. The Kith theme will be built and released somewhat in the order below:

After completion of "Kith",

Update Journal

Update 1

Some information about the themes progress will be placed here as it's completed. Currently, a Murrine theme has been configured - although basic and somewhat run-of-the-mill, its working. The emerald theme is en-route, and so far a good portion of the frame is ready.

Polish is already going into elements; the buttons on the windowframes for example have a glow that appears to be from a light source underneath the window, with elements such as the outer-halo frame still covering the light. Care has been taken to ensure noting looks rough-around-the-edges, with small modifications to every frame element as I go for the smoothest theme.

An experiment with dark panels is on the table too, it looks classy being set as the panel background, but has yet to be integrated. A screenshot will be posted with the full theme package later this week when I finish tweaking the emerald and Murrine themes.

Update 2


Image by Ken Vermette

Currently, Kith development is well underway, and the emerald theme is near completion. At this point, the button glows are still being tweaked, and in the GTK some colour tweaks are necessary aswell. Work on the panels has yet to start, however due to engine limitations the panels will not have the orange wireframe.

Theme files will be posted sometime during the weekend.



Emerald file

Metacity File

GTK file

Other Files

1.0 (light)





Concept Images

There are no GTK themes available as of yet, the theme so far is only within concept stages. The theme goals mirror the original Union project:


Currently Unavailable

Revision .02

Style 1


Style 2


Version .01 :: SVG Source (Style 1) SVG Source (Style 2) :: Image by Ken Vermette

The styles of the above pictures are a difference in the minimize, maximize and close buttons





Artsy :: Full Image

Clean :: Full Image

Horns :: Full Image



Grill :: Full Image

Glass :: Full Image

Revision .02 Studio Style


Version .01 :: SVG Source :: Image by Ken Vermette

Revision .01


Version .01 :: SVG Source :: Image by Ken Vermette


Themes Origional Union Theme

Wallpapers Orange Wallpaper Lion Wallpaper


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