Known problems with the NewHuman theme

Add any problems you find with apps when using the NewHuman theme, perhaps with a nice screenshot to visually explain the problem but do make sure to go through the list before adding duplicates.

Note that many of these problems may be due to the theme itself. This page is not intended to point fingers but rather to collect information. If you have any knowledge as to why the problem occurs please add it as a note to the problem(s) in question.

Comments on the viability of using a dark theme do not belong here! This page is only for information gathering, not artistic opinions.




Note: for some images on this wiki, the colour scheme of the New Human theme that I utilize is modified. Just little bit to be less brown and more grey and blue. I apologize for this, but I think that the problems are the same with the original theme. [edited]

Fixed problems

Please move any fixed problems from above to here.

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