Intrepid needs a new usplash. It is the first thing people see when they start Ubuntu, it should make an impression. It should also be consistent with the default theme, especially, for instance the progress bar (though in some of the mockups below I've rather broken this rule in order to use the some of the grey from New Wave! I tried an orange progress bar, but with the logo being so large and, well, orange, it just looked a little tooooo orange).

Concept Art

Concept 1

This concept highlights the way that ubuntu brings people together. First 1 person, then a second and finally a third join hands in collaboration. When they have all got together the fruits of their labour, ubuntu, appears in the middle!

The mock up below comes from a design I saw for a Hardy usplash (ref. below). I think that at the same time that the ubuntu text appears, the progress bar should appear below the logo. So that the bit of the progress bar currently taken up by the ping-pong orange racket will be replaced by the logo below (I hate ping-pong progress bars!), but there will still be a normal progress bar with 1% increments for the second half of loading which requires it.

Variation 1: Here is the usplash as you might see it (in reality I think part 1 would loop a few times before the part 2 and its progress bar actually appear).


Part 1 and 2 of splash explained: Splash part 1 (this will loop until the initial loading, in Hardy displayed by the orange ping-pong, is done). See attachment - intrepidusplashsmall.gif below. Splash part 2 (progress bar, for the part of the usplash currently done by... well, the progress bar!). See attachment - usplashprogresssmall.gif below.

Variation 2: Clockwise with orange progress bar.


Variation 3: Small, white background, no text.


Variation 4: Normal, but with white background.


Variation 5: Normal, but with white background.


Concept 2

This simpler concept still focuses on the unity of the ubuntu circle but, forgoes text and distracting animations for a more minimalist look.

Variation 1:


Variation 2: With orange progress bar.


Concept 3


Variation: Minimal ajax-ish


easier on the eyes, can have a linear boot progress bar below the logo, or even scrolling text (for those who like it)

the example has white b/g, it can be black or whatever color

The ubuntu logo spins at first, then stops and a progress bar appears for main loading.


Variant: The balls spin the other way...





Pictures below are cropped. May be we should take example from macs. My favorite bootup below is the first one. Logo will fill down according to the progress. (May be it should fill up?)

logofillup.gif logoprogress.gif logocircle.gif

Pictures above show "icon" in its actual size. Black area was cropped to save uploading space.

Rugby471's (& KennethWimer)

Due to a recent suggestion on the Simple] 's page to make a usplash out the the wallpaper submitted there, I have created a throbber that will go on a usplash. Below is the throbber.

As you can see it is a sort of minimalist take on the horn of an Ibex.


I shall try to make a usplash as soon as possible. What do you think ? -/- Rugby471


Concepts 1 & 3: A resurrection of this usplash design for hardy:


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Another idea - how about a 'configure bootloader' entry in the preferences menu of ubuntu, with multiple usplashes? This would allow a small logo if you wanted, a way to manage other usplashes (kubuntu, xubuntu etc.) and also an easy way for someone to configure what they want the bootloader to default to (eg. Windows User). -nuclearpidgeon-

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