Release Intrepid Ibex whit a dark-brown theme.


A lot of people want a dark theme on ubuntu, and I think that is a really good idea. The actually "human-theme" is very nice, but a lot of people like me n_n is finding something more. The screenshots are something I do with my desktop, under Ubuntu 8.04. The theme I use for that is "human-murrine", but I change all the default colors. The icons are, of course: Human icon theme, and the panel is my mod of Ebony-Panel. Maybe this can offer something for the designers.

Palette I don't have any color pallete, sorry...

Concept Art


Fullsize Image by Kill OS


Fullsize Image by Kill OS

Dark Theme Usability Issues

A dark theme included as the default image of Ubuntu should be frowned upon. While some users appreciate a darker look, dark items in general have very large usability issues.

Examine the image below. You should be able to read it very well. You eye should be attracted to the header because of it's size, and "white space" positioning.


Fullsize Image by Ryan Henningsen

In comparative, the image below, while formated in the exact same way, should be much harder to read. Our eyes don't react do a black canvas with white text as well as it does to a white canvas. Our brains our designed to ignore white space and look at items that are darker or contrast their background.


Fullsize Image by Ryan Henningsen

It's for this same reason that people but backlights behind their monitors or televisions. The light allows your pupils to relax and not have to strain as much to see the color of your screen in a dark room.

Now, look at the next image.


Fullsize Image by Ryan Henningsen

Where did your eyes go first? I can guess. You probably looked at either the blue accented text or the header first. It's for the same reason that a theme should be minimally invasive to a users experience. It's hardwired into our minds and is reflected in media all around us. It's akin to going out in the dark with a single bright flashlight and trying to find items outside. It's the same way with a dark theme, your mind and eyes have to work harder to find what they're looking for. The theme should contain little contrast in general with color or dark items placed to draw your eye.



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