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The Ubuntu-ast (aka Comunidad Asturiana de Ubuntu) is an small (but hyperactive) Ubuntu enthusiast group in Asturies. We work with Softastur LUG in the translations.

We're working hard for expand Ubuntu in Spanish & Asturian language in our autonomous community. By the Asturian language we appeared more times in the news.

We have a diverse membership: students, developers, philologists, photographers, designers ..., and of course, we believe in an Open and Free (as in freedom) community through Ubuntu.

We're thinking all times, how improve the Ubuntu expansion with new ideas.


Immediate future:

  • μCourses - September-December 2010: Weekly presence microcourse: Customizing Ubuntu / Install and uninstall a program / Import and catalog your music / Import and edit pictures from your camera / Tips and tricks for your web browser / Chats and social networks (Facebook, Twitter...) / Burn your music, pictures, documents on CD/DVD / Create letters, spreadsheets, presentations... / Use in Ubuntu a Windows applications.

  • 1help=1coffee - September-December 2010: Weekly presence help. Technical support for users, you buy us a coffee, and we'll help you with your Ubuntu issue Wink ;) (even if you don't buy the coffee).

  • Passion for our`s - Advertising campaign with a 12 pictures (2 images released > 1 & 2).

  • Ubuntu 10.10 Install Party: 12 November in E.U.I.T.I.O with Softastur and Asturlinux

Link to the events:


2010 Activites:

2009 Activites:

  • November 21 - 9:00-14:00 and 15:00-21:00: Install Party Ubuntu 9.10 in Uviéu 1.

  • November 20 - 19:00: Conference about Ubuntu & Free Software in Uviéu 1.

  • October 18: This set of GNU/Linux awareness videos, collaborative work with Softastur and AsturLinux LUG (in asturian language, subtitles available in 7 other languages).

  • October 18: Install Party in Sietes. Pictures & post here.

  • September 24: Introduction to Software Libre and Ubuntu. Library Atenéu (Turón/Mieres) Blog Tapaponga

  • September 25: Ubuntu Install Party. Library Atenéu (Turón/Mieres) Blog Tapaponga

  • September 25: Upload poster for Install Party in SpreadUbuntu for the comunity.

  • May 16: Install Party in Xixón / Asturies.
  • May 15 2009: Meeting Chat Log

  • May 14: Talk in the Asturian Letters Day, hosted by Xunta pola Defensa de la Llingua Asturiana.
    • Pictures 1 2

  • May 10: Talk for asturian language students.
    • Pictures 1 2 3

Translation Status

Asturian language taking the 25th rank in the languages of the world in Launchpad:

Translation statistics

Ubuntu Members

The following Ubuntu Members are active in the Asturian LoCo team:


  • I think the approval of the Asturian LoCo is long due. When I had the pleasure to spend some days with them, I was truly amazed at their drive and passion for Free Software, for their language, and their commitment with Ubuntu. They are working hard to promote the usage of Ubuntu in the Asturies region, regularly organizing activities and having successfully worked with regional institutions for the adoption of our Operating System. Their translation activity is also legendary. Launchpad allowed them to provide the first ever OS in the Asturian language, but the merit is all theirs: tirelessly translating for months, they had several team members in the top contributors list (Iñigo is still there), a time in which they also learned how to send back all those contributions to the main upstream projects. I fully support their application. -- dpm 2010-08-17 12:02:48

  • In the Asturian-community, the work system is centralized in the LoCo Team. The Team decides which projects to do, elect a coordinator for the upstream, and work directly with him. Thus, there is no problems of understanding. The team meets on the last Friday of every month, and the main priority is Ubuntu. Right now our goal is to include the use of Ubuntu in Education. The members are very active and they keep a constant work; they don't know limits and this is simply because they believe in a free software in a free community. ivarela 2010-08-17 16:05:50

  • For a long time, I have been working with Marcos for improving Asturian Loco and found a great potential in there. They have worked without interruption for a long time, with really interesting ideas and success. I found outstanding the results considering the size of the community. I hope they will be approved. rafael-carreras (Catalan LoCo Team) 2010-08-17 17:20:50


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