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Official Logo


AusDotMapReverseTiny.png SVG

The AustralianTeam logo was chosen to be proposal #7, at the meeting on April 4th, 2006.

Other Proposals

The official logo was decided to be number #7, at the meeting on April 4th, 2006. These proposals are only here for historical reference.

Note that launchpad uses a 16x16 pixel logo so scalability is important.


AustralianTeam/Meetings/ubuntu-au_kanga.png SVG


AustralianTeam/Meetings/ubuntu-au_bigstars.png SVG


AustralianTeam/Meetings/ubuntu-au_smallstars.png SVG


#1 but with the 3 elements of the kangaroo using the ubuntu colours. The launchpad logo could be the kangaroo by itself.


Sunburnt Australia+Tasmania inside circle.


AusDotMap.png AusDotMap-Tiny.png SVG


AusDotMapReverseTiny.png SVG


UbuntuDownUnderLogoTiny.png SVG

#9, #10


#11, #12



  • #1 is based on the "Australian Made" trademark so there may be copyright issues. -- DavidSymons

  • I'd suggest creating something that reflects the Ubuntu logo, but doesn't actually use the Ubuntu logo itself. See the Trademark Policy. Good ways of doing this include using the tell-tale dots, the Ubuntu colours, etc. Perhaps we could make a Southern Cross with Ubuntu-style coloured dots? That might have a bit of a dot-painting feel about it too. Smile :-) How about a Eureka flag/cross with a bit of Ubuntu influence? -- JeffWaugh

  • If the Ubuntu logo does get used, replace the dots with faces, perhap an indigenous face, an Asian face and a European face? -- Craige McWhirter

  • I quite like the dot painting Australia, # 6. It also looks good and is still recognisable at a small size, while a lot of the others, eg stars on ubuntu logo, are not immediately recognisable at 16x16. -- MatthewVermeulen

  • I too am a fan of the dot painting, perhaps reversing the colours so the darker colours are on the outside may make it more visible on a white background when smaller. -- NaamanCampbell

  • 9-12 are obviously based on the erueka flag - svgs are available if needed -- AndrewEdwards

  • I rather like the boomerang idea used in #8, though the dot artwork ones (#6 and #7) also look appealing. My vote would be for #8 though. Smile :) -- PascalKlein

  • I like 8 and 9, even though i had to edit the page to find it Wink ;) KarlGoetz

  • #8 is definitely the standout option here. It is clearly Australian yet still bears a close resemblance to the original Ubuntu logo. -- SridharDhanapalan


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