Shared Terminal Session

Instructions follow to connect to the virtual shared terminal for use during Education Focus Group Sessions.

How to use the system :

Guest account.

The guest account will connect to educational sessions "automatically", is "read only", and may not be available outside of educational sessions. "Read only" means guests will be able to watch commands and configuration in real time, but they will not be able to run commands in the session (that is what your own box is for Wink ;) )

To connect to the educational sessions as a guest :

1. Download the ufbt-guest ssh key from :

2. Save or move the ufbt-guest ssh key to your home directory (abbreviated with a ~) in ~/.ssh (if the directory does not exist simply mkdir ~/.ssh).

3. Set the permissions of the key using a terminal:

  • chmod 400 ~/.ssh/ufbt-guest

4. ssh in from a terminal with

5. Read the welcome message and press enter, you will then automatically connect.

6. To exit either hit the control-a then d keys or simply close your terminal

Warning: If you make mutiple attempts to log in your IP address will be black listed.

Tips: use KeepAlive to connect so your session does not TIMEOUT


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