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BT Meeting 03/13/08 Minutes

  • Rocket2DMn i motion to bring this show to order, we're already late

    DrSmall i second it

    bodhi_zazen +1

    LaRoza Lawyers do that. Make sure you didn't ask any questions or tell him/her you are a doctor

    ajmorris tomaw, out of interest, what did we do?

    Rocket2DMn proceed, your 1337ness

18:18 bodhi_zazen First, thanks LaRoza for volunteering to do minutes

  • Joeb454 ajmorris, I'd like to know that too

    Rocket2DMn thanks LaRoza !

    Presto124 nice

    tomaw ajmorris: I think you just upset ubotu

    tomaw he's a bit touchy towards the end of the week

    st33med (knew it)

    bodhi_zazen LaRoza, you can post a summary of the discussions / decisions if you like, if you need hlep with the wiki just ask

    ajmorris ah, yeah i did

    Rocket2DMn what did i tell you guys earlier!

18:19 bodhi_zazen First item :

  • bodhi_zazen wiki :

    st33med (drum roll)

    bodhi_zazen janquark, you want to start ?

    18:20 janquark thats a big topic

    janquark where to start?

    Joeb454 define the purpose of the BT wiki?

    bodhi_zazen lol

    bodhi_zazen Let me start then

    Rocket2DMn janquark, start with https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/BTMeetings - you said revive the wiki

    bodhi_zazen The focus, as you know, is the forums

    DrSmall yes, what does the wiki serve as?

18:21 bodhi_zazen I envisioned the wiki as a way of identifying and answering FAQ on the forums

  • Rocket2DMn DrSmall, that is part of the debate Smile :)

    DrSmall ... a little slow...

    st33med Rules, possibly?

    janquark with revive I meant to create a place where beginners could find guides which are written for them, in their "language"

    bodhi_zazen FAQ may change week-to-week, but it is usually a few like mounting, gurb, resolution

    ajmorris we could use the wiki with a canned response rss feed....

18:22 bodhi_zazen Once team members are familiar with wiki -> have the team help with the main wiki pages

  • Joeb454 heh, gurb, I assume you mean grub...it's becoming less of an issues now anyway

    Joeb454 that'd be good bodhi Smile :)

    bodhi_zazen I did not like the thought of turning an army of raw wiki recruits loose on the wiki, and also wanted the team to become familliar with the wiki as a whole

    DrSmall +1

    Rocket2DMn i feel that the wiki is a place for us to stay organized, not really post HowTos and help topics. There is already wiki.ubuntu and help.ubuntu for that

    18:23 bodhi_zazen Rocket2DMn, that too

    DrSmall yes

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    Presto124 finally

    Rocket2DMn if stuff changes, you can modify entries on help.ubuntu, wiki.ubuntu, and your own HowTos on the forums. We can have a page of links on the wiki to howtos, but i dont think the wiki is the place to keep the howtos themselves Presto124 changes nick to Presto123

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18:24 bodhi_zazen Rocket2DMn, yes and no

  • st33med Hrm... How about stickying a tip of the week at the top of the beginners forum

    bodhi_zazen It is nice to have a section where we can teach team members how to wiki

    Joeb454 st33med, the top of our forum or abt?

    Rocket2DMn bodhi_zazen, perhaps a page that tells users WHERE to find the best help, and then break it down further with subtopics

    bodhi_zazen So the way I see it , the beginners wiki servers as :

    Old_Soldier well there id a tut forum... with a sticky like that :0

18:25 st33med abt

  • bodhi_zazen 1. Team communication ~ although I am not sure we want to keep team minutes there forever

    Rocket2DMn +1 for that

    st33med We comunicate fine

    st33med what is wrong

    bodhi_zazen 2. SHORT FAQ for forums

    janquark +1 for that

    DrSmall +2

    Rocket2DMn +1 if it's very short

    bodhi_zazen 3. Training -> launchpad for the team to contribute to the main wikipages

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  • DrSmall all that sounds good to me

    st33med brb

    Rocket2DMn how do you propose doing number 3, bodhi_zazen ?

    Joeb454 what exactly about launchpad?

    bodhi_zazen First step is to identify team members wanting to wiki

    DrSmall I can help some

    janquark me too

    bodhi_zazen Second is to bring them up to speed if they do not know how to wiki

18:27 bodhi_zazen Starting with becoming familiar with existing pages

  • DrSmall i need to do that

    bodhi_zazen I do NOT want our team to start 100 + new / duplicate pages

    Rocket2DMn for users who want to: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team/FocusGroups

    bodhi_zazen Third is to teach them how to wiki, formatting, etc

    Rocket2DMn isnt there already a page on wiki.ubuntu or help.ubuntu that explains how to edit wiki pages?

    janquark thats true duplicated effort is bad

    bodhi_zazen then trun 'em loose

    spiderbatdad Rocket2DMn yes

    Joeb454 sure Smile :)

18:28 st33med I am leader of compositing Big Grin :)

  • bodhi_zazen lol

    Rocket2DMn leading yourself st33med

    Rocket2DMn Wink ;)

    st33med yes!!

    Joeb454 bodhi_zazen, what about directing some people here if they want help quick ish)

    DrSmall i go minimalistic Wink ;)

    bodhi_zazen The forums staff prefers if we communicate on the forums, but I do not think we need post things like minutes from this meeting on the forums.

    Rocket2DMn DrSmall, agreed

18:29 bodhi_zazen Joeb454, you mean technical support ?

  • Joeb454 yeah

    bodhi_zazen I am "OK" with that if you invite and help

    bodhi_zazen please do not post this as a support channel on the forums

    st33med I don't think we want the channel to overflow like #ubuntu

18:30 bodhi_zazen +10 st33med

  • Rocket2DMn so bodhi_zazen , you are then asking to have this page worked on? - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/HowtoGetHelp

    Joeb454 true

    -> jpatrick has joined ubuntuforums-beginners

    bodhi_zazen The other problem with invites is, err team behavior

    st33med :p

    Joeb454 hehe

    bodhi_zazen WE will need to watch that we follow th CoC

    DrSmall such as?

    DrSmall i uplift it

    Joeb454 you're never in here though

    Old_Soldier lol well lets see...

    Rocket2DMn bodhi_zazen, perhaps have team members become Ubunteros?

    DrSmall me?

    bodhi_zazen Rocket2DMn, that is what we need to decide

    Old_Soldier we could all take a pledge of silence :0

    18:31 DrSmall i am an Ubuntero

    Presto123 Old_Soldier, i'm almost there :P

    janquark me too

    bodhi_zazen Well, just be aware that some of the things on this channel that we find funny would offend guests

    Old_Soldier just a thought guys

    18:32 Rocket2DMn i think the HowToGetHelp page needs to lose all the specifics at the bottom end

    ajmorris how about a CK banning whenever there are guests in here? :P

    bodhi_zazen last thing we need is to invite someone and then have the channel reported / violation of CoC

    st33med no insulting your moms

    Old_Soldier when i was a GM we kept our IRC channel clear for just the reason bodhi mentioned

    st33med Smile :)

    Rocket2DMn and all the pages that ARE howtos/Guides (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners ) need to be ditched

    bodhi_zazen I think it is a team effort

    DrSmall +1

    DrSmall i am for it

    Old_Soldier sometimes teamies vent and its not good in front of the customers

    Joeb454 if we get people in here on an invited basis, we can tell the others that they are a guest and they have <x> problem

    Rocket2DMn its all repeat work and is getting outdated anyway

    bodhi_zazen everyone be responsible for his/her own behavior and aks folks to tone it down

    st33med How about inviting those who have really bad technical problems

    bodhi_zazen !ohmy

    ubotu Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.

18:33 DrSmall ok

  • DrSmall 10-7!

    Joeb454 st33med, yeah that's what I'm thinking

    DrSmall over and out

    <- DrSmall has disconnected ("Quit Server - Dr Small's Blog | http://php.8ez.com/drsmall/")

    st33med we keeping logs?

    Rocket2DMn I think it is good or centrally organize the team, but not necessary lay out guidelines on HOW we deliver help, so long as we are within the bounds of the CoC and common sense

    bodhi_zazen CoC are our bounds

18:34 st33med CoC?

  • Rocket2DMn letting us run free, if you will, to help people out gives us room to adapt. a central list of where to find some help documents can be useful, but not necessary

    Presto123 so no dirty talk? ;'( lol

    bodhi_zazen I do not want to discourage the sense of community or rleaxed atmosphere on this channel

    ajmorris st33med, im loggin it if needed, but LaRoza is doing the minutes which should be good enough for people like drsmall that miss the rest

    Rocket2DMn st33med, Code of Conduct

    st33med oh

    spiderbatdad corn on cob

    st33med yum

    Rocket2DMn apt

    Joeb454 Rocket2DMn, you suggested becoming Ubunteros (I assume you meant on launchpad)

    Rocket2DMn Joeb454, yes

    bodhi_zazen OK, lets return to wiki

    bodhi_zazen ?

    Joeb454 just for the sake of knowing - how many people in here are Ubunteros?

    18:35 bodhi_zazen any further comments on wiki ?

    Joeb454 oh sorry bodhi Smile :)

    Rocket2DMn Joeb454, ask later Smile :)

    bodhi_zazen I think the wiki team can have a meetig

    Joeb454 sure

    Rocket2DMn +1

    spiderbatdad !ubunteros

    ubotu Sorry, I don't know anything about ubunteros - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi

    ajmorris Joeb454, i am

    bodhi_zazen ie it may be good for the focus groups to have meetings and report back to the general team rather then hashing out ALL wiki details here and now

    janquark me too Smile :)

    Joeb454 if you are, PM me, and I'll add it up

    Presto123 http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember

    Joeb454 that way we can keep the meeting sort of on topic Smile :)

18:36 Rocket2DMn bodhi_zazen, agreed, it is a large task

  • Joeb454 and I can give back a figure later

    Joeb454 sure

    st33med I think that the wiki meeting should be held later

    Joeb454 I'm always on IRC, so I've put myself down for helping on here I believe

    bodhi_zazen I do not want to "require" much of the team as we are volunteers and I do not want there to be barriors

    Rocket2DMn do you want somebody to head up the wiki subteam, bodhi_zazen ? or do you want to organize it yourslef

18:37 bodhi_zazen Any volunteers to head up the wiki team ?

  • Rocket2DMn i volunteer, i think janquark might be interested, too

    janquark me Wink ;)

    bodhi_zazen I think nothlit was doing it earlier, but I do not know how active he wants to be

    bodhi_zazen OK, we can have two wiki leads

    janquark Rocket2DMn and me

    bodhi_zazen +1

    st33med aye

    Rocket2DMn k, ill ttyl about it janquark

    Presto123 I have not done that much on Wiki, but any way I can help would be cool

18:38 janquark fine Rocket2DMn large tasks before us Smile :)

  • Rocket2DMn brb phonr, continue plz

    bodhi_zazen Can you update the wiki focus group, and try to ask nothlit for his input on this as well

    janquark sure

    bodhi_zazen FYI, I agree with most, if not all, of the comments re: wiki on the meeting page

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18:39 Joeb454 bodhi_zazen, referring to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team/FocusGroups are we trying to sort out the focus groups??

  • Rocket2DMn back

    Presto123 Alan_M, Smile :)

    Rocket2DMn got it, bodhi_zazen

    bodhi_zazen I suggest we learn how to clean up after ourselves, ie contact the wiki group and learn to delete outdated / duplicate wiki pages

    Alan_M crap, oh well better late than never

    bodhi_zazen Joeb454, yes

    Rocket2DMn bodhi_zazen, did you find out anything about deleting wiki pages?

    st33med Next topic: compositing

    st33med ?

    st33med :P

    Presto123 hrm...bodhi no one still for hardware?

18:40 Joeb454 ok just getting my head sorted Smile :) I'm up for doing launchpad as well, depending on what needs to be done Smile :)

  • Rocket2DMn as a sidenote on that, i think we just need to have them forward to existing pages so we dont create broken links

    bodhi_zazen Not every one needs to join a focus group, but if you are interested

    bodhi_zazen Presto123, we are the hardware team

    Rocket2DMn Joeb454, im on LP, too, i may need to back out of that one if time becomes an issue

    Joeb454 me too

    ajmorris what is the role of the compositing team....

    bodhi_zazen ie helping new users == helping with hardware

    Alan_M everyone in here is the hardware team as far as im concered...heh

    Joeb454 ajmorris, compiz?

    bodhi_zazen Rocket2DMn, no, nothing re deleting

    Presto123 yeah...maybe but, its blank there...kind of would be disheartening for new users i guess

    st33med not my expertise

18:41 Rocket2DMn ok bodhi_zazen , we'll look more into it

  • Presto123 just my thoughts

    ajmorris ah kk Joeb454

    Joeb454 i think anyway bodhi_zazen Actually, nest on the agenda is:


    Presto123 I'm going to edit that page...bb in a sec

    bodhi_zazen Regular meetings

    Joeb454 I believe I brought that up

    st33med EVERY DAY!!!

18:42 st33med

  • Joeb454 I was thinking more of once a month, or once every 2 months

    Alan_M set times daily would kill me :/

    bodhi_zazen I am up for regular meetings, so long as people show up, not that the

current group has this problem

  • bodhi_zazen Monthly seems best, IMO

    st33med every month sounds good

    Joeb454 yeah

    ajmorris hmm, since i help on irc and forums with compositing, ill sign up for compositing on focus teams, as they co-incide Smile :) and also, that makes st33med not so lonely

    Alan_M yeah

    Old_Soldier +1 for monthly

    janquark +1 for monthly

    Rocket2DMn i wouldnt be opposed to every 2 months either

    Alan_M +1 for monthly

    bodhi_zazen OK, is this time best ?

    st33med yes

    Alan_M whenever, just let me know

    bodhi_zazen anyone need an alternate time

    Rocket2DMn may get a better turnout if they are less often

    Joeb454 2200 GMT?

    Alan_M yes, perfect time Smile :)

18:43 ajmorris the day is the only bad thing for me bodhi

  • janquark time is fine

    bodhi_zazen in the past this has been the best time in terms of attendance

    Alan_M i was just late because i was talking with parents.

    ajmorris except weekends = good for me = not for you, so you win :P

    Old_Soldier neutral enough. ive done this before in a world wide environment

    Joeb454 I managed to get off work early (i finish at 22:30 GMT normally)

    Old_Soldier since we're volunteers 2200 GMT works

    Rocket2DMn i think this is a little early in the afternoon bodhi_zazen , im only here b/c its spring breka for me

    Old_Soldier if they were employees it wouldnt

    Rocket2DMn its still the middle of the workday

    st33med eating dinner

    st33med brb

18:44 bodhi_zazen OK, lets propose a day, second tuesday, etc and see if there is a consensus

  • bodhi_zazen We could move the time back an hour

    Rocket2DMn recommends evenings and weekends

    bodhi_zazen In the past attendance was POOR evs and weekends

    ajmorris bodhi cant make weekends Rocket2DMn

    Rocket2DMn true dat, thanks ajmorris

    Joeb454 different day

18:45 Presto123 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team/FocusGroups (Just the bottom is edited)

  • bodhi_zazen I can make some weekends, but late

    Joeb454 monday?

    janquark different day, same time for me not too early please

    Rocket2DMn tue/wed afternoons/evenings dont work for me

    Presto123 Monday's are generally free for me...

    Alan_M doesnt care when, im open daily Smile :)

    <- jacob has disconnected (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

    Rocket2DMn +1 for mondays

    bodhi_zazen Monday, tuesday, or Wed ?

    Presto123 No tuesday

    bodhi_zazen Monday or Wed ?

    spiderbatdad M

18:46 Rocket2DMn +1 for monday

  • janquark monday

    Presto123 Monday

    Alan_M M

    Rocket2DMn sry isaid that already

    ajmorris lol, at this time any day of the week i cant make it, an hour earlier i cant make monday tuesday or wednesday :P

    ajmorris just leave me out of the meeting time arranging :P

    Joeb454 mondays are good for me, especially at the same time

    bodhi_zazen Mondays, an hour later ?

    janquark but back at home at 22.30 GMT

    janquark I am

    Rocket2DMn after 5PM Pacific time works for me

    bodhi_zazen 5 PM pacific is too late for me

18:47 Presto123 Thats 8p eastern...eh, no probs here

  • Joeb454 I'm fine with that bodhi (hour later on mondays)

    ajmorris problem for me, if i wasnt on holidays ATM, i'd be in class right now

    Rocket2DMn 4PM works

    ajmorris my timezone is too far out for anyone else

    Alan_M brb, need to plug in laptop or im gonna exit stage left and wont be my own doings.

    spiderbatdad So the first Monday of the month?

    bodhi_zazen OK, an hour later, second Monday of the month ?

    janquark sounds good

    bodhi_zazen First is OK too

    Rocket2DMn sure

    Alan_M is open for anything and everything Smile :)

18:48 Alan_M just not 2AM CST Please!

  • spiderbatdad I'm open, just lost track

    bodhi_zazen First or second ?

    Rocket2DMn maybe rotate which week of the month it is, so ppl who have conflicts can make most of them

    spiderbatdad second sounds traditional

    Rocket2DMn that may be getting complicated tho

    Alan_M yeah your going into weird placements there rocket

    bodhi_zazen Second going once ...

    Alan_M second...SOLD for me

    Joeb454 sold to the man in the hat Big Grin :)

18:49 bodhi_zazen \o/

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    Rocket2DMn id like to outbid that

    Rocket2DMn no j/k

    Alan_M wb leastrale

    LeAstrale i totally forgot about the meetings. sry guys

    LeAstrale ty speedy

    Alan_M lol me too

    bodhi_zazen OK, third :

    bodhi_zazen ?

    bodhi_zazen what was third ?

    Presto123 tres

    spiderbatdad training

    Presto123 o

    bodhi_zazen Oh, IRC Smile :)

    Rocket2DMn irc imrpovement

18:50 ajmorris what do we need to improve?

  • bodhi_zazen We have an irc focus group Smile :)

    Joeb454 i believe I'm on there Smile :)

    LeAstrale yes we do

    Alan_M yes we do

    Presto123 ajmorris, our outlook :P

    bodhi_zazen There has been some discussion re : #ubuntu

    Alan_M and i am as well

    ajmorris how many of the people in the focus group help on #ubuntu?

    bodhi_zazen too large, bot abuse

    Joeb454 what's the purpose of the IRC focus group though?

    Rocket2DMn Joeb454, we can work that out right now Smile :)

    Joeb454 ajmorris, I do occasionally

    Alan_M aj, i do

    bodhi_zazen irc focus group helps on #ubuntu

    ajmorris help users on irc basically Joeb454 is the focus....

    18:51 Presto123 I tried to help one time and it was absolute aggravation

    Joeb454 ugh, I have to venture out into #ubuntu as well Sad :(

    Joeb454 lol

    ajmorris i tend to help them in pm out of the busyness of #ubuntu, perhaps we could

bring them here where more than 1 person can help them?

  • bodhi_zazen First, a few comments about the beginner team somehow moderating #ubuntu ....

    Rocket2DMn i will remove myself from the irc team

    bodhi_zazen Leave that to the mods

    bodhi_zazen The culture on the fourms is not the same as irc

18:52 bodhi_zazen If you want to assist on #ubuntu , go for it

  • bodhi_zazen If you want to assist someone ...

    Presto123 YES! bodhi_zazen...give us mod power...sometimes, I would just love it, not to abuse but just clean it up

    Joeb454 what about the IRC focus group calling in certain people from #ubuntu if they get no replies

    bodhi_zazen ./join #boshi_zazen

    Presto123 I know you cant control the decision there, but dang

18:53 bodhi_zazen *#boshi_zazen

  • bodhi_zazen LOL

    bodhi_zazen #bodhi_zazen

    Joeb454 or the standard !thishasnothingtodowithyourquestion | user

    bodhi_zazen now invite

    Presto123 LOL bodhi

    LeAstrale LMAO @ bodhi_zazen

    Rocket2DMn RE: the different focuses, from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team/FocusGroups i would like to take off all the stupid links to the UF profiles, except under Forums. Other links on other subsections should be for that specific focus, like a link to LP profiles under Launchpad

    bodhi_zazen pleas join me on #bodhi_zazen

    janquark who?

    LeAstrale what? now?

18:54 bodhi_zazen sure ...

  • Rocket2DMn sorry, wanted to throw that out there before it skipped my mind and we got completely off the focus group topic

    bodhi_zazen OK, now I have a channel of my own, I own / moderate the channel and can

kick / ban

  • bodhi_zazen I can give support quietly

    Rocket2DMn ./join #bodhi_zazen

18:55 Rocket2DMn err

  • bodhi_zazen Rocket2DMn, no .

    Rocket2DMn thanks Smile :)

    bodhi_zazen if you /join a new channel , you own it

    Rocket2DMn too much time at a terminal, you understand

    bodhi_zazen that is how irc works

    Alan_M yep, and when they throw the famous !pm at you because you tell a user to

private message you...thats awesome.

  • bodhi_zazen if anyone wants help settign up a channel, let me know

18:56 LeAstrale back to meeting

  • Joeb454 so if the IRC focus group wants to assist somebody, we can set up a neutral channel

18:57 bodhi_zazen OK, that is my proposal to offer assistance to #ubuntu

  • Joeb454 invite the person off #ubuntu and ask anybody in here to come join too Rocket2DMn +1

    bodhi_zazen Joeb454, yep

    Presto123 good good

    ajmorris i dont see why we cant bring them here?....

    bodhi_zazen I will help you

    Presto123 Smile :)

    janquark +1

    Presto123 I really think something to add

    Joeb454 ajmorris, I think bodhi wants to keep this to team members and not create another #ubuntu

    st33med ajmorris, bringing them here would cause flooding

    ajmorris ah, kk

    bodhi_zazen ajmorris, you can do that too, if you want

    spiderbatdad this is not a good place for everyine sometimes

    Joeb454 I think the neutral channel isn't a bad idea

    Alan_M as I have a few times

18:58 st33med but then word would spread!!

  • spiderbatdad everyone*

    Presto123 create a specific name that we can join or create if it isn't already running

    bodhi_zazen I prefer a neutral channel

    ajmorris #beginners-help ?

    Joeb454 +1 neutral

    Presto123 something like #UFHelp

    Joeb454 and +1 ajmorris

    bodhi_zazen The irc focus group can set up a channel if they want, I will help with registration

    st33med #FUHelp ?

    Presto123 no dash just make it easy

    Joeb454 lol

    spiderbatdad ack

    bodhi_zazen #RTFM

    Presto123 nice steemed

18:59 bodhi_zazen #STFU

  • ajmorris what do we want to call it? i will reg it now

    Joeb454 #UseWindows

    janquark Smile :)

    Presto123 #GoogleIT!

    Alan_M aaaaaaaannd back to the discussion

    bodhi_zazen #beginners-help

    Alan_M lol

    st33med #your mom

    Presto123 right right

    janquark +1 for beginners-help

    Rocket2DMn well that discussion went downhill fast

    Alan_M yes #beginners-help works

    st33med +1 for

    bodhi_zazen \o/

    st33med that

    Joeb454 ajmorris, I'll give you a hand with the IRC F.G Smile :) I'm always on here

    Rocket2DMn just make sure beginners-help is not in use

    Presto123 minus the dash for simplicity

19:00 ajmorris irc fg??

  • Joeb454 focus group

    ajmorris ah kk

    ajmorris kewl

    Presto123 #beginnershelp

    bodhi_zazen ajmorris, if you set up a channel, please allow me to admin it as well

    Joeb454 me too Wink ;)

    Joeb454 lol

    bodhi_zazen Smile :)

    st33med can we get ubotu in there as well?

    bodhi_zazen Any other issues with #ubuntu ?

    Presto123 Could it not be admin'ed by the beginners team in general?

19:01 bodhi_zazen No, not too many admins

  • Presto123 or is it limited by num

    Presto123 got it

    -> overdrank has joined ubuntuforums-beginners

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    st33med what about ubotu?

    st33med overdrank, you are LATE

    bodhi_zazen I do not mind if members of the irc focus group have admin rights

    Alan_M what happens when all the admins are gone and were sitting here like a stuck duck and someones flooding the hell outta the channel?

    overdrank yea sorry st33med


    Presto123 thats my thoughts Alan_M

    Alan_M nevermind that answered that question Smile :)

19:02 bodhi_zazen If we make a channel, we need a committment to admin it

  • st33med ChanServ?

    Presto123 definitely

    Joeb454 Alan_M, I'm ALWAYS on IRC whenever I'm online

    bodhi_zazen sec ...

    Alan_M Joeb454: same here

    Joeb454 If I can't get onto Xchat, I'm on Mibbit

    Alan_M if im off of irc..im offline period

    LeAstrale likes Joeb454's loyality towards #ubuntuforums-beginners

19:03 Joeb454 Big Grin :)

  • Joeb454 thanks LeAstrale

    bodhi_zazen OK, next topic ?

    bodhi_zazen Recruitment

    Presto123 I got the one I wanted in :P

    LaRoza Tiger pits?

    Joeb454 I thought we just PM'd you with potential members, and then PM'd them

    Joeb454 Rancor fights Wink ;)

    bodhi_zazen In general I like to recruit at a slow pace

    Joeb454 watches Star Wars too much

19:04 Presto123 spiderbatdad Wink ;)

  • spiderbatdad aye

    bodhi_zazen Last thing we need is a disruptive team member

    st33med ChanServ is up and running

    Joeb454 *cough* LeAstrale *cough*

    Presto123 we all wanted you as a member Wink ;)

    spiderbatdad Presto123 ty

19:05 Joeb454 its true

  • bodhi_zazen I like "the quiz" as it s a chance to see a person's temperment

    Joeb454 we all like the quiz

    Rocket2DMn =D

    janquark Wink ;)

    Alan_M the quiz PWNZ

    Rocket2DMn i liked taking the quiz, i was like BRING IT

    Presto123 I think for sure we all should check whenever we SUGGEST a member

    Alan_M of course got the hard questions and the easy questions i sucked at Sad :(

    Presto123 check their posts that is

19:06 bodhi_zazen I do not mind team members recruiting on the forums

  • Presto123 It's okay Alan_M, I really bombed it

    Joeb454 I tend to invite them here to IRC too, to see if they can cope with us

    Alan_M when we recruit like 400 a day, thats kinda overkill though Sad :(

    Presto123 lol Joeb454

    spiderbatdad seems like it recruits could be suggested at meetings

    bodhi_zazen yea, for bettor worse they need to irc

19:07 Presto123 I agree with spiderbatdad and bodhi_zazen

  • bodhi_zazen I have allowed some to join who do not irc, but we never hear from them

    LeAstrale Alan_M: its the wheelchair limiting you. its holds back the force

    Presto123 slow and meeting suggested

    bodhi_zazen recruitment is open at this time

    Joeb454 yeah not a bad idea, though it'd just end up having a pile of people to quiz

    ajmorris if you see a committed member or someone on the forums, with a big enough post count, dont be afraid to send em over to the UA team also Big Grin :)

    Rocket2DMn i think we kinda need to enforce irc as a means of communication

    Joeb454 yeah

    Rocket2DMn +1 for the UA team

19:08 Rocket2DMn it needs more help

  • bodhi_zazen Rocket2DMn, I do that when I PM a potential recruit

    Alan_M looks at aj and chuckles

    st33med I sorta liked how bodhi quizzed. I think we should keep him quizzing!

    bodhi_zazen LOL st33med

    Presto123 UA needs definite attention IMO...

    bodhi_zazen +1 Presto123

    ajmorris what Alan_M?

    Joeb454 different group though really isn't it

    Presto123 I try to stick with them

    bodhi_zazen please help the UA team if at all possible

    Alan_M im laughing at my private message to you on the forums about UA.....and my inability to READ lol

    spiderbatdad UA= Un Answered?

    bodhi_zazen Once a week search on UA posts ?

19:09 Presto123 yeah spiderbatdad

  • Alan_M unanswered post team spiderbatdad

    Joeb454 bodhi_zazen, I'm on UA anyway Smile :)

    bodhi_zazen yea, we have a few cross members

    Alan_M isnt on the team but ill throw my hat in the ring sometimes in there Smile :)

    ajmorris so is Presto123 yet he doenst come on teh irc channel :/

    ajmorris hehe

    Presto123 I would say MORE...but

    Presto123 psh

    bodhi_zazen not te be confused with our resident cross dressers

    ajmorris anyway, no more UA, this is BT meeting :P

    Presto123 AHAHA

    spiderbatdad what are they mad about?

19:10 Rocket2DMn checks for UA posts almost every day

  • overdrank bodhi_zazen if I may ask what happened to the hardware team

    LeAstrale what was the hardware team doing?

    Rocket2DMn the problem with UA posts is if you dont get them in the first 6 hours or so, they rarely get responded to

    Joeb454 collaborative effort I think

    bodhi_zazen The hardware team has no members other then myself, atm

    bodhi_zazen so it has been rolled into the beginners team

    Presto123 ajmorris, just to make it clear to me...I wasn't auto added was I?

    Rocket2DMn didnt we agree the HW team was really all of us?

    bodhi_zazen and then, what Rocket2DMn said

    Alan_M rocket, i thought so

19:11 ajmorris Presto123, you're on teh team aren't you?

  • st33med he is

    Rocket2DMn somebody already changed the FocusGroups page for that

    st33med else he would not have a dot

    bodhi_zazen OK, last agenda item :

    bodhi_zazen Assess on a continual basis the top needs of users, and ways to assist

    st33med I need food

    Presto123 What I would like to say to UA's as well...is that no matter how much they uh complain, don't answer if you cant assist...so we can hit that button and see

    bodhi_zazen That is the point of maintaining an IRC channel for the team

    ajmorris BTW... bodhi, how come uf bt members dont go in a group on http://ubuntuforums.org/showgroups.php

19:12 Presto123 ? ajmorris, beginner's team, yeah...but I didn't know about UA

  • bodhi_zazen ajmorris, I don't know

    bodhi_zazen too big ? bodhi_zazen oversight ?

    ajmorris oh, lol, you're not Presto123 :P

19:13 bodhi_zazen Any other comments for the last agenda item ?

  • st33med nope

    Alan_M nada

    janquark no

    Rocket2DMn negative

    st33med zilch

    st33med zero

    st33med nothing

    Presto123 ...uhhh...

19:14 LeAstrale im gonna have to read the logs since i missed the first 55 minutes :'(

  • bodhi_zazen Any other topics ?

    st33med lol

    Presto123 IRC is the best way to do that IMO

    bodhi_zazen I have one ...

    bodhi_zazen There has been the suggestion of a Security team

    Joeb454 yeah

    Rocket2DMn i dont suggest that we deal with or organize that

    bodhi_zazen Lets identify any interested beginner team members and make a new focus group

19:15 Presto123 Beginners Team Rent-a-Cops...good name for the group :p

  • Joeb454 though I think that should be part of the server subsection

    st33med Why a security team?

    Rocket2DMn that is beyond the scope of most of our capabilities and realm of knowlege

    Presto123 I definitely am out of my league there

    st33med security for forums or Ubuntu?

    LeAstrale im out my league with security

    bodhi_zazen I dont know, there are some here who know some security and I think we should pass on that knowledge

    janquark agree with Rocket2DMn, what would be the purpose of this group?

    LeAstrale security for windows i could do LOL

    Rocket2DMn we all have some tips, but if you jump onto the security bandwagon, i think you better know a lot more than just a few things

    Presto123 shouldnt that be a focus group?

    Alan_M i know security..but....there isnt much to it.

19:16 st33med hem

  • ajmorris tronyx should lead security IMHO if he's interessted... he is our resident expert

    st33med prevent pipe bombs

    ajmorris of course, he may not want to

    Joeb454 thats true

    st33med no sudo rm stuff

    bodhi_zazen purpose from my perspective is to make sure new users get quality

security advice

  • Joeb454 tronyx is always checking vayde's server

    Alan_M my GIRLFRIEND should lead the security team LOL

    bodhi_zazen If a security team is forumed , we can support it fast

19:17 st33med Have hacking competitions on our own computers?

  • Rocket2DMn i just think security is dangerous waters if you start posting in that forum b/c some of the people asking in there are real world IT and server admins with real prices to pay if security falters

    bodhi_zazen Sounds like it may be a small focus group here

    Presto123 lol Alan_M. Flooding the forums with DON"T SUDO RM ANYTHING!

    bodhi_zazen which is OK

    bodhi_zazen Rocket2DMn, +1

    LeAstrale the best to secure is to make a deny rule for paultag :P

    bodhi_zazen that is why I think we should have a focus group

19:18 st33med see if we can bypass our own security on one's own computer?

  • Alan_M ill be a part of that focus group

    bodhi_zazen If nothing else, report it to someone more knowledgable

    LeAstrale Rocket2DMn: i know exactly what you mean im a real admin and i use the forums Smile :)

    Rocket2DMn bodhi_zazen, i dont think that makes sense for the Absolute Beginner's team. that seems like something that should be its own separate UF team

    bodhi_zazen OK, how about security for beginners ?

    bodhi_zazen security starts at installation

    ajmorris ok, all IRC focus group members have auto voice in #beginners-help now Smile :)

    Presto123 give it time Rocket2DMn...

    Rocket2DMn you wrote a fabulous HowTo on that didnt you?

    Alan_M exactly what i was thinking bodhi

19:19 Presto123 let it build and form maybe?

  • spiderbatdad I seem to lack focus

    ajmorris and, as part of your jobs in the security team, you have to teach ajmorris how to hack

    Rocket2DMn ok, well ive voiced my opinion, if you want to give it a try, ill support it

    spiderbatdad ;(

    bodhi_zazen OK, lets see if there is an interest on the team to start a security focus group, if not it is OK to dye off too

    Alan_M educate our users on why encrypting a FS is a good idea is a good start on the security FG.

    Presto123 ack...ajmorris, i haven't joined a focus group yet

    Old_Soldier Just made it back who do i sign on with for the forum and Irc teams

19:20 bodhi_zazen Alan_M, did you see my post on encryption ?

  • bodhi_zazen resizing an encrypted partition ?

    ajmorris i think the security focus group would be good

    ajmorris hey Maddeth

    bodhi_zazen I hope that post is educational re: encryption in general

    bodhi_zazen OK, vote on security focus ?

    st33med +1

    bodhi_zazen anyone interest either +1 or -1 ...

19:21 Presto123 +1

  • Rocket2DMn -1

    Alan_M +1

    Old_Soldier -1

    spiderbatdad 0

    Joeb454 0

    ajmorris +1

    janquark too big for me now, perhaps if I learm more security stuff I will join

    Old_Soldier thinks the server and secuity forum tems have that covered

    spiderbatdad i'm for learning, as well

    bodhi_zazen OK, looks like there is a narrow margin in favor ?

    st33med ditto

19:22 Rocket2DMn mark that focus group as experimental i guess

  • Presto123 Move to next meeting bodhi_zazen ?

    bodhi_zazen OK, we will see what happens then

    ajmorris i think there should be a team, although, ill be on teh learning end most

likely, i can do a bit of security, but realistically, im crap

  • Rocket2DMn +! Presto123

    bodhi_zazen Next meeting ....

    bodhi_zazen 4/8/08

    bodhi_zazen 5 PM MTN

19:23 spiderbatdad same time then.

  • st33med MTN?

    Joeb454 My Time Now

    Joeb454 lol

    Presto123 Going to add to forum, K?

    bodhi_zazen Montana Time

    spiderbatdad oh

    bodhi_zazen Any other ? topics ?

    spiderbatdad thats an hour later

    st33med Why name it montana time? Nobody cares about montana Wink ;)

    spiderbatdad thought you meant mountain time

    Joeb454 lol

    janquark so 24 GMT?

    Presto123 OH...wait

19:24 Presto123 crud

  • Presto123 Bodhi

    Joeb454 so 2300 GMT 8th April?

    Rocket2DMn bodhi_zazen, we'll let you update the BTMeetings page

    janquark sure we will Smile :)

    Presto123 that's 3 pm here and I'll be at work

    Rocket2DMn where is here Presto123

    Joeb454 Presto123, mibbit.com is your friend

    Presto123 Pardon...EST

19:25 bodhi_zazen 23:00 GMT I think

  • Presto123 Joeb454, two words, internet block

    bodhi_zazen sucks bad at GMT

    janquark ok cool

    Old_Soldier i'll just wait for the nudge in channel when the time gets close

    Rocket2DMn thats 4pm pacific

    Rocket2DMn no wait

    Rocket2DMn shiznat

    LaRoza Can't we all just go by the Unix epoch?

    st33med Ides of March?

    Rocket2DMn yeah thats 4pm

19:26 Presto123 not same time as today? 6 EST, 5 Central, 4 MST, 3 PST?

  • Joeb454 lol LaRoza

    bodhi_zazen 4 PM Pacific, 5 PM Mountain , 6 PM Central, and 7 PM Eastern

    Rocket2DMn EPOCH FAIL

    Presto123 AHHHH

    LaRoza xkcd, we have all seen it

    Presto123 pardon me then bodhi

    Rocket2DMn http://xkcd.com/376/

    Presto123 thats perfect

    Rocket2DMn hehe

    bodhi_zazen And whatever GMT that works out to be

    Alan_M 6 central on the 8th of april...got it Smile :)

    Rocket2DMn add it to the wiki bodhi_zazen Smile :)

19:27 bodhi_zazen Meeting adjourned , thanks everyone


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