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The Belgium team need to fix the promotional material problem. This spec was already discussed on the ubuntu-be kickoff meeting: meeting notes


The Belgium team lacks promotional material, the only thing we have are the flyers, and some printed CD's.

Use Cases

  • Schools would like to have a Ubuntu poster, but we can only send the to the official shop.
  • People on the fairs would like to have Ubuntu gadgets, they even want to pay for them.


As discussed on the kickoff meeting, we would need two kind of items:

  • Gadgets, that can make some money from to sponsor
  • Give away material, that we can give for free.

marketing material (Give away for free)

  • small flyer (fast to read, like the current existing)
  • multi-page fyers (at fairs...)
  • posters poster-small.png

  • stickers? (with maybe *only* the ubuntu logo, small (few cm))
  • promotion-kit for hardware vendors

Gadget material (as some kind of money machine to pay for the marketing material)

  • i.e. USB-sticks..?
  • pencils...
  • possible problem: selling this at fairs may result in loosing the 'non-profit-org'-subscription fee
  • T-shirts: Pierre's brother's company could get some printed. Not limited to T-shirts, you can make more textile's like:
    • cap-sweater...
  • Other ideas:
    • Ask money for computer-club-visits in name of ubuntu-be and the money goes to ubuntu-be
    • Ask money at ubuntu-install-parties? (Now it is a free gift: keep that way?)
    • Ask an organisation to put our name (ubuntu-be) as 'organising party' for a bingo-night (<ref: Rob)

Outstanding Issues

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