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Benjamin Drung

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Who I am

I am 23 years old, live in Berlin, Germany and studying computer engineering at TU Berlin. Apart from being a computer freak I like to play trumpet and cornet. My hand cannot only click on mouse buttons but also can fold small Origami stars. I have been learning to program since I was 10 years old and since then I have touched about 10 program languages. Among them there are Pyhton, C, Java, Assembler (e.g. ARM).

My Ubuntu story

My first Ubuntu contact was with 6.06 LTS "Dapper Drake". Since Ubuntu 6.10 "Edgy Eft" I used it as main system. I started diving into packaging after the Packaging Jam in Berlin on 2008-02-06. The first package I worked on was matplotlib 0.91.2 and it finally hit Ubuntu 8.04 LTS "Hardy Heron" on 2008-04-15 after 23 days. On 2008-06-16 I joined the 5-A-Day team at the first Berliner Bug Jam. 60 day later I have worked on 147 bugs.

My involvement

I take care to keep the xmms2 package and clients (gxmms2, esperanza, abraca) up to date / merged. I am working together with Debian on the packages audacity, dvdbackup (I am the upstream maintainer), matplotlib [1]. If packages (which I am using) have bugs I am not afraid of touching them (e.g. apt-mirror, audacious). For a complete list have a look at the uploaded packages and my PPA.

[1] http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=benjamin.drung@gmail.com

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

  • I am proud of working together with the Debian maintainer for matplotlib to reduce the differences between the Debian and Ubuntu package to zero (history).

  • audacious 1.5.1-3ubuntu1 (bug #256574) was tricky. It needed to be cleaned up and I had to find a way to set the default output plugin to pulseaudio, because the previous way did not work any more.

  • I have packaged pwdhash (bug #216892), but this is a small and simple package.

Areas of work

I am working on packages I am using myself. I like to keep the packages up to date, clean them up (e.g. make them lintian clean), fix bugs, reduce the difference to Debian and getting the relevant patches upstream.

Things I could do better

I am sometimes a bit lazy (e.g. writing this application needs weeks). I missed to send patches to Debian or upstream from time to time.

Plans for the future


My plans are to get more involved in the Ubuntu development and become a MOTU. When I have enough time I want to work on the ugly, outdated, big eclipse package.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Ubuntu has too many bugs. There is no Ubuntu release that I can call perfect (in reference to the bugs).

There is no information who uploads my changes if the sponsor does not post anything (e.g. dvdbackup in bug #330684).


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Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

I got to know Benjamin Drung during the Berlin Bug/Packaging Jams and quickly found out that he's doing a great job. I sponsored/reviewed 5-10 of his packages and was particularly impressed with his collaboration with Debian and upstream people which all happened very naturally. I don't know how or when he worked out the know-how for more complicated changes, but I am clearly impressed.

Specific Experiences of working together

Areas of Improvement

For becoming MOTU, Benjamin will just need a bit more of working together with us and I hope to see him at many more bugs / packaging jams. Smile :-)

Alexander Sack (asac)

General feedback

I worked with Benjamin on a few mozilla/firefox extension packages and remember him as a proactive and responsive contributor who takes responsibility for the software he works on; also he is open to new ideas, suggestions and techniques and wants to learn new things. I am looking forward to work with him in the future and think he would be a great universe contributor.

Areas of Improvement

Gain more packaging experiences on more (semi-)complex packages and get to know more corner cases, by helping out other contributors out.


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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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