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Brandon Peterman

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Ubuntu Background

I discovered Ubuntu in the summer of 2006, during the Dapper Drake release. I set up a dual-boot system, sharing Windows XP and fell in love. I was so impressed with Ubuntu, in fact, that I realized that I could easily maintain a low-end Web server with it. A few months later, I recycled an old and decrepit computer and loaded Xubuntu onto it, transforming it from a useless piece of junk to a valuable Web server.

Programming Background

Though my skills lie far beneath those of even a novice hacker when it comes to mainstream programming, I'm competent with Web languages like PHP and my interests lie in developing Web applications. I've also recently begun learning PERL, which is rather easy to pick up after experience with PHP.


I'm an eighteen-year old college freshman in Western New York. I graduated high school valedictorian of a class of 180 or so last spring and I am attending the University of Rochester now.

My hobbies include Web development, gaming, skanking to loud music, drawing, painting, and playing soccer.


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