The Ubuntu Bug Squad is the entry point for helping to make Ubuntu better.

The BugSquad collectively provide the first point of contact for all the bugs filed against Ubuntu. This allows the Ubuntu developers to focus on dealing with bugs which have been prioritised and are reproducible with all the debugging details needed to allow a full analysis. BugSquad members with some experience can join the UbuntuQA team allowing them to set the priority of bugs for Ubuntu.

They keep track of all the bugs in the Ubuntu Distribution and make sure that major bugs don't go unnoticed by the developers.

Joining the BugSquad

The only obligation when you join the BugSquad is to keep up to date with the bug management policies. No special skills are required to join the BugSquad. There is a lot of information available regarding debugging and bug management workflow. It is also provides you with a great opportunity to learn more about Ubuntu.

To join the BugSquad you need to have a Launchpad account (you can create one easily), and then you can request membership in the bugsquad team. You are also strongly encouraged to subscribe to the mailing list as it the primary method of communication for the BugSquad.

Contacting the BugSquad

There is an IRC channel on irc.freenode.org called #ubuntu-bugs. If you don't use IRC, or you don't get a quick response there, we also have a discussion mailing list that you can join.

How to make Ubuntu a better place

  • Triage bugs

  • Check BugHelper reports

  • Have healthy relationships with
    • our upstream developers
    • our Launchpad crew
  • Improve the wiki to reflect best information for debugging
  • spread more of the huggy, cheery atmosphere

Things you can do afterwards:

How bugs are tracked

We use Malone for tracking and triaging bugs. All Ubuntu related bug activity happens there.


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