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I am the young male audience. I have no problem with nudity.

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Have been using debian for several years, got a new laptop last fall that was a pain to configure with stable debian at the time, switched to gentoo and really liked the setup and community, am psyched about ubuntu now though.

Studying games development, hoping to make some good OS games and get into the programming part of it all, still just a code newbie though. Trying to get into the linux translation project.

Is this page a proper place to tell about how i got ubuntu working on my computer? the information could be moved to places like HardwareSupport in time, but i think i'll begin here. Note that it's mostly a way for me to remember what was done and why.

MattZimmerman: for things which didn't work correctly, please post to ubuntu-users, and we'll work through which ones should be filed as bugs

Installation notes (sep 30)

  • install textmode was b0rked last time, top 2 rows are "stripy" and the entire screen is shifted two rows down, so some textboxes miss their bottoms. weird.
    • there was a kernel commandline thingie for this though-
  • partitioning complains about my existing ext3 partition (formatted with gentoo some time ago) and tells me it's not usable. upon booting after install it works well though. weird.
  • starts with 640x480 resolution
  • hangs while trying to load gnome (splashscreen and nothing happens)
    • fixed, added acpi=noirq to bootparameters and it works. probably soundcard problem (when hung, nothing was heard - when fixed, it played login sound)

Ubuntu linux on the Dell Inspiron 8500

see HardwareSupport. (Inspiron 8500, TrueMobile 1350)

"not really hardware" problems



Keyboard - "multimedia" keys

The volume up-down-mute, play/pause, stop, next, previous do not work. Will have to configure in gnome though i guess. Could be set by default in a clever way?

Watching divx/mpg

Switched to totem-xine and got all the mplayer codecs, sucks that i can't use gstreamer!


Will try to connect to my Sony Ericsson T300 to exchange files

Suspend / Resume

I want to get this working, like if i close my lid, it should suspend. iBook behaviour.

Windows XP SP2 ...

Funny sidenote, trying out SP2 next to Ubuntu proved hard.. it installs and boots but lacks drivers/support for

  • Broadcom ethernet (not wireless!)
  • Audio chip
  • Wireless ethernet (too, rendering me cut off from the world)
  • Graphics card

So i guess Ubuntu is a more competent install, as it supports my system (that comes shipped with XP, though Smile :) better. Yay ubuntu!

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