I've been a debian user for quite a short time; one year with stable, two years with unstable. I also tested some other distros formerly, but I prefer debian.

Moved to Ubuntu because the six-months release policy and the easiness of configuring hardware. Once I know how to do it, and learnt it "the hard way" with debian, why do I need to fight with the console to get HW running?

I have a personal page (in Spanish) with some personal info, where I mantain a weblog which talks the most about software -free software- I also wrote once about my migration from unstable to ubuntu:

Nothing much more to say, I've been recently editing the list of supported HW (digital camera, printer, scanner, video card). When I have more time I might write some more documentation or ideas.

Hey, the Canonical people, you are great. Thanks for giving fresh air to Debian on desktops.

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