2 different project here . . .


1st : A Kids + Senior Handbook. And for somehow stupid User like me.

.a. : sOOn. on your screen, too ! You can't help. This is only a job for the Stupid.

2nd : A solution for my first problem while change complete data system to Linux.

.a. : There you can help. Cer - the normal User - need H E L P . ! + !

.b. : Realize. No Help. No Tool.


: LAST Release : 2nd :

Useful and easy Tool for Stupid Users like me and more . . .

Full Text !!! http://tinteplusmehr.de/work/linux.htm For no style . . . http://tinteplusmehr.de/work/linux.txt

HowTo Corporation + Cooperation [ German Language only ] http://tinteplusmehr.de/work/magica.101.htm


1 . 1 Blabla : Day 1 [ refreshed mode ]

I try to describe :

Some years ago my first contact to Linux. Strassensozialarbeit in Göttingen [ Streetwork ]. Homeless. Drug people. A so called Linux Learn Bureau.

With a guy named Omar behind me. Sometimes I guess he changed Allah for Linux. Professional. Fanatic. Somehow a Zombie like me.

I love him. And he told me everything about Linux. I understand nothing. Can't mount a Cd-Rom. Or whatever.

From social aspects Linux is great. To work with ?! For someone like me to much work to come in.

Some years later now you need no Handbook anymore to install. And today there is Internet, and Wikis. Whatever.

But a good handbook for the most essential questions I couldn't find. Only Blabla. In German I would prefer the word " Dünnschiss ". I have only two or maybe five questions. And now I must read + read. Perhaps only the directory is bullshit [ the right word I mean ].

See the situation for a child or a old woman who just get the first steps in PC.

How to promote Linux [ Ubuntu ] + Open Source as part of politics in FRG ?!

Who like to work with . . .

Wink ;-) cer


1 . 2 Blabla : Some days later [ refreshed mode ]

PS : Und kann mir mal irgendjemand erklären, wie man an die Profile der Mitglieder heran kommt. https://launchpad.net/~arno-at-menschenweb : So kompliziert sollte das doch eigentlich nicht sein ?! Oder soll es nicht sein . . .

Could somenone describe me how to reach the Profiles of the members. Here is mine : https://launchpad.net/~arno-at-menschenweb : It can't be so complicated. Or should it be.


1 . 3 Blabla : Some more days later

Some words for the end :

Uuh. All here so professionals. I feel guilty to use XP. To be a stupid user.

But. I guess this year all PC on Linux. With a little help from my friends . . .

And. Somehow I used my brain for other things. Perhaps we can arrange ¿?


1 . 4 Blabla : 2008.03.05 [ refreshed mode ]

Configuration : I work on it . . . 3 PC drives Windows [ XP ] and one of it Ubuntu too. 2 PC single Ubuntu Installation [ Server in Progress ]


1 . 5 Blabla : 2008.03.31 [ refreshed mode ]

After reading this Offical Handbook for Ubuntu ! 235 Pages [ more as enough . . . ]

And testing the 1st and ultimate problem [ a new Installation of XP and through this normal handling of this Microsoft Shit to destroy the existing Grub Loader Definition by rewriting the Master Boot Record (MBR) ] for all new users testing Ubuntu [ together with WinXP on one PC ] to make this change to the real system 3 results of thinking :

.a. : Forget this Handbook

.b. : Someone should goe to court against Microsoft to make a change of destroying the complete MBR

.c. : The same thinking like years ago when I make a so called Linux Learn Bureau in the Strassensozialarbeit :

.c. : .1. :

The main failure of this fine system Linux to success is the intellectual masturbation of this programmers. Not more. Not less . . .

.c. : .2. :

For example : A normal handbook. And before I get essential advises I have to read special attraction of a server installation.

.c. : .3. :

Etc. Etc. Etc.


1 . 6 Blabla : 2008.04.04 [ refreshed mode 2008.04.06 ]


P R O J E C T = With cool <pre>Formated TxT</pre>



P R O J E C T : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CerLerock

A Handbook for normal Users like me. B A small and useful tool / script for all this Linux Installation CD / DVD . . .

A 1 sOOn. On your screen, too . . . B 1 So WHAT A round and nearly empty BootCD. Small + easy.

B 2 Comments . . . A lot of words. But in Fact. It would be a useful tool for stupid Users like me ! B 3 And WHY E.G. People who try to make a change with only 1 PC + 1 non-removable disk. User. B 3 Part 1 Normal User. The Customer. Mostly a Microsoft Customer. Our primary target group. B 3 Part 2 Than this poor and addicted User get in touch with Linux. He hear Ubuntu. Ubuntu. B 3 Part 3 The typical situation for a normal user [ Customer XY ] on XP with a Standard PC. B 3 Part 4 Remember. Normal User = Customer = 90% Microsoft Customer = Primary target group. My first real problem while testing Ubuntu as a normal User was re-installing XP. B 3 Part 5 ... ? There must be a reason for much $ sudo and few simple button : 4 Two REASON " programmers intellectual masturbation " makes it so $ sudo. Not more. Not less. One problem of Linux to success is maybe the traditional way creating easy tools. 5 The HowTo somehow . . . ... It was not my fault. It was your addiction to XP + Vista. Virus MS. Start Ubuntu. 6 Once again . . . A normal User with a cheap Standard PC at home somewhere from a Supermarket + XP. ... 7 HIStory What else : Monday late in the evening I check already some hours all I could do.

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