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Chris Coulson

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Who I am

I am a 28 year old software engineer from the West Midlands, UK. I started life out as a hardware engineer originally, but converted to software because it's way more enjoyable.

My Ubuntu story

I started using Ubuntu with Breezy, but didn't really start to get involved until around the time of Gutsy. I got involved with helping out the desktop team (packaging and fixing bugs etc) and eventually became a MOTU and also a member of the ubuntu-desktop team

My involvement / Areas of work

I'm currently Firefox maintainer in Ubuntu (looking after Firefox, Thunderbird and related friends), but I still try to help out with other general desktop tasks where I can.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

  • I wrote globalmenu-extension recently to add support for the Unity menu in Firefox
  • I've implemented support for GNOME 3.0 technologies in Firefox and Thunderbird (still being reviewed by upstream though).
  • I was heavily involved with rolling out Firefox 3.6 to all of our supported releases last year, hopefully making lots of users happy Smile :)

  • I've spent a fair bit of time in the 11.04 cycle tracking down and fixing issues in dbusmenu, and making the menus work more reliably (and use less memory)

Things I could do better

I don't do nearly enough sponsoring outside of my allocated time as patch-pilot. I guess this is partly due to the fact that the universe queue is so small, but also - I generally don't touch that much in Universe now and I am unable to process most sponsoring requests for main.

Plans for the future


  • The way we distribute translations for Firefox is broken. This is something I'm going to fix in the 11.10 cycle.
  • Implement Unity launcher and quicklist integration in Firefox. I've already got some ideas for this, I just need to start hacking.
  • I wouldn't mind working on touch support for Firefox too. Don't tell that to anyone else though, else I might regret volunteering for it Wink ;)

  • More sponsoring.

What I like least in Ubuntu

There isn't much I dislike in Ubuntu to be honest, but if I had to think of one thing which really annoys me, then that is lazy sponsoring. What I mean by this is when a sponsor looks at a sponsoring request and responds with something like "Unsubscribing sponsors, please provide a debdiff and resubscribe". There are several reasons why I hate this approach:

  • The sponsor could be dismissing a perfectly good patch
  • This is very unfriendly to fly-by contributors
  • It takes, maybe, 20 additional seconds or so for the sponsor to create a changelog entry if there is no debdiff. If this additional time is a serious burden, then there is something wrong with our sponsoring process.

Sure, we should recommend contributors provide a debdiff in future if they want to be credited with the upload. Contributors who are serious about becoming involved on a more long-term basis will be fine with this.

Rant over Wink ;)

I also dislike the fact that I cannot target bugs to a release for packages that I maintain (and can upload) in main. I guess this is more of a Launchpad annoyance than anything specific to Ubuntu though, but it's annoying to have to keep pinging people and asking them to do things for me that I should already be able to do.


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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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