I, Corey Bryant, apply for upload rights for ubuntu-server-dev packages.

Who I am

Hi! My name is Corey Bryant and I'm a software engineer on the OpenStack Engineering team at Canonical. I'm primarily focused on OpenStack packaging for Ubuntu as well as Juju OpenStack charm development. Prior to joining Canonical, I was a software engineer for the Linux Technology Center at IBM working on KVM. And prior to that I spent several years working on the mainframe at IBM.

My Ubuntu story

Prior to joining Canonical my main interaction with Ubuntu consisted of tinkering and running it as the main operating system on my personal machines. Since joining the OpenStack Engineering team at Canonical in January of 2014, I've gained a quite a bit more experience with Ubuntu, particularly with the Ubuntu release process, the OpenStack release process, packaging of OpenStack and it's dependencies, as well as Juju charm development with the OpenStack charms. I really enjoy working on Ubuntu and I strive to deliver quality work in everything that I do.

My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Areas of work

I've primarily been working on OpenStack packaging for new and stable releases. Many of the core OpenStack packages have MREs through which we provide stable releases (via SRUs). I've led several of our stable releases this past year and provided significant contribution to new releases as well. I've participated in various packaging aspects including SRUs, FFEs, syncs, merges, backports, patches, upstreaming fixes, and backporting upstream fixes.

I primarily work with James Page and Chuck Short on the OpenStack packaging, as well as Thomas Goirand on the Debian side. I've worked quite a bit with Chris Arges from the SRU team, as he has reviewed most of the stable releases that I've worked on. I think we've all collaborated really well together and I appreciate all that they've taught me.

Things I could do better

In general I'm the kind of person who is always trying to improve. While I've gained quite a bit of experience thus far, I know that I still have a lot to learn. I expect that Ubuntu development will always be a learning experience, and I enjoy that aspect. One core thing that I can improve on is my work efficiency. Sometimes attention to detail can slow me down, but I think that's fine if I can improve the efficiency of my workflows through experience, automation, and various tooling efficiencies (sbuild caching comes to mind). Another area I need to improve on is bug traging for ubuntu-server-dev packages.

Plans for the future


One of the areas that we're looking to improve the OpenStack packaging is by making it easier for others to contribute. Part of our plan for this cycle is to move the packaging branches to Launchpad git repositories.

From an individual aspect, I'm planning to improve my packaging skills and upstream OpenStack knowledge. I'm also planning to participate more in other areas such as bug traging.

What I like least in Ubuntu

I'd like to make it easier for the community to contribute to our packages and I think the move we're making with putting our packages in git repositories is a step in the right direction.


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James Page

General feedback

The majority of packages that I've sponsored for Corey have been within the subset of Ubuntu Server packages that form OpenStack and its dependency chain; He's covered packaging updates in both the development release, including working on MIR's (never ending for OpenStack), as well as the Stable Updates for multiple OpenStack releases; he manages SRU activities well, having a well thought through process from the packaging updates required, to the testing requirements for verification.

I think Corey is ready for some upload rights; as the OpenStack packages all fall in the Ubuntu Server packageset this feels like an appropriate first step; he's naturally cautious so I believe he'll work within the bounds of what he knows and understands, and ask for support in other less well know areas.

Areas of Improvement

More bug triage experience would be good - Corey highlights this himself; On the assumption that he gets some upload rights, I'd also like to see him participate in the patch-pilot program - reviewing and sponsoring other peoples work is a good way of learning the many different ways of producing Debian packages.

Chuck Short

General feedback

I echo the comments in James' comments above. I have also sponsored a large chunk of the Openstack packaging that he has done. He's always has asked questions when he gets stuck and hes a fast learner. He's a good egg.

Areas of Improvement

I would like to see him do more bug triaging, and get more involved with the Ubuntu community at large.

Chris J Arges

General feedback

Corey's uploads have been of excellent and consistent quality. His attention to detail and patience give me confidence he will make great use of his upload rights.

Specific Experiences of working together

I've handled SRU reviewing many of Corey's stable updates to Openstack. He's been patient in fixing minor changes, and has made the large task of reviewing Openstack changes much easier!

Areas of Improvement

I think Corey would make a great addition in helping with more than just Openstack. As he understands the SRU process very well, and produces uploads of good quality, I think this will happen naturally.


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