Creating Your Wiki Profile (Home Page)

Why you should create a profile

  • As you start volunteering more in the Ubuntu Community, it is helpful to have a wiki profile. Your profile is a place that will let the community know more about you and your accomplishments.

What you should include in your profile

  • A basic profile should include:

  • Your Real Name (at least, first initial and last name)
  • Your Internet Contact Info:
    • Email Address
    • Freenode IRC nickname
    • Launchpad name
  • A Brief related bio
    • How do you fit into the community?

  • A List of Accomplishments.
    • What have you done for the community?

    • Include links to your teams, projects and specs.
    • Include description of your involvement.
  • Your goals and vision for Ubuntu Linux
    • When you ask for membership from the Community this important.

a sample profile

J Doe

Launchpad ID:



jdoe on


<doe AT mail DOT com>

About Me

  • I discovered Linux and Ubuntu a few months ago. It was great. I got involved in the community when I had a problem with an application. I chatted on IRC about the problem and got interested in helping improve the application.

My Involvement

  • I am involved with BugSquad and MOTU now. I am helping package an app I discovered just recently. I am also helping squash bugs in few gnome apps that appear on Launchpads bug list.

My Vision

  • I plan to continue helping maintain the package. I want to become an official MOTU and someday maybe a Dev. I plan to continue helping the BugSquad squash those bugs that seem to never end.


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