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Date Purchased: 2006/11/28

I have tested this Bluetooth USB Adapter with the following OS:

1. Ubuntu v6.10 (Edgy Eft)

It seems that this Bluetooth Adapter is working fine with my Ubuntu v6.10!


I have managed to send files from: Ubuntu v6.10 PC -> Nokia Mobile Phone.

I have managed to send files from: Nokia Mobile Phone -> Ubuntu v6.10 PC.


I suggest that you purchase this product because it works on both Windows OS & Ubuntu OS.

What Drivers to Install:


The instructions below, were created after I had my Ubuntu v6.10 cleanly installed!

So, there shouldn't be any differences between my Ubuntu and yours...

(e.g. in packages that I have installed, but you are missing...)

In order to put it to work, perform the following steps:

1. Make sure package named "bluez-utils" is installed in your Ubuntu.

2. Install package named "gnome-bluetooth" in your Ubuntu.

3. From the Menu, select "Applications\Accessories\Bluetooth File Sharing".


A Bluetooth icon should showup on your Top Panel.

4. Edit the file "/etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf" & change the following:

a. The line "security user;" with "security auto;".

b. The line passkey "1234"; with passkey "5555";


The number "5555" denotes your PIN used in both Your PC & Mobile phone for the Initiation Process to start. That assigned number must be the same in both Devices, for your connection to be successful.

5. On your Terminal window, type "/etc/init.d/bluetooth restart".


We are restarting the Bluetooth services so that changes we make in the file name "hcid.conf" are applied!

Connection should be now achieved, as long as you activate your Mobile Phone's Bluetooth Services.

To send files from one Device to the Other, perform the following:

Case A: From Mobile Phone -> Ubuntu v6.10 PC

1. Select your preferred Picture.

2. Select "Choices".

3. Select "Send".

4. Select "Via Bluetooth".

5. After "Searching for Available Devices" has been completed, choose "Select Device".

6. Your "Connection" should start & "Sending File" should show on your Mobile Phone's screen.

7. On the Ubuntu side, a window will pop up asking you if you want to "Accept a file from Phone". Click on the button named "OK".


a. The menu choices on your Mobile Phone vary, depending on the Phone Model you own. I connected through a Nokia Mobile Phone. b. Make sure your Mobile Phone is NOT far away from the Bluetooth or your "Sending File" will be unsuccessful.

Case B: From Ubuntu v6.10 PC -> Mobile Phone

1. Select your Preferred Picture.

2. Right-click on the Picture's Icon & select "Send to...".

3. On the window that opens, wait until under the "Send to:" section, your Mobile Phone is Detected.

4. When your Mobile Phone is finally Detected, click on the button named "Send".

5. A window will pop up saying "Sending File" with a progress bar.

6. Check your Mobile Phone to see whether the Picture has successfully arrived.


Sometimes, before you perform above Step 4, on your Mobile Phone's side you need to Re-activate/Reset your Bluetooth Connection.

Have Fun!


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