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Danko 'Virtuall' Alexeyev

Hello there Smile :)

I'm network programmer, but I use mostly php, so you shouldn't count on me if you need something in C++ Wink ;)

In Ubuntu:

  • I'll be one of founders for the newly estabilished Latvian team if it is officially estabilished.
  • I'm maintaining channel #ubuntu at irc.lv.
  • I'm serious about distributing Ubuntu in Latvia and particularly in Riga.
  • I'm going to help translating to Russian and Latvian.

  • Actually, nothing more. But it's fixable Wink ;)

Contact me

E-mail: virtuall@virtuall.info

Web: coming back soon

IRC: Virtuall @ IRCLV and Freenode

Phone: +371 6483953


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