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I, dann frazier, apply for core-dev.


dann frazier

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Who I am

I've been a Debian Developer for ~12 years, and a Canonical employee for ~3 years. I like both free software and free beer. I'm experienced working with the kernel, server installer, security issues, autobuilders, packaging, etc.

My Ubuntu story

My first real involvement with Ubuntu was in a previous job at HP, probably sometime in 2009. I would resolve hardware support issues (often out of date drivers) with Ubuntu found by our QA team (sometimes working w/ Canonical). I also worked directly with HP customers that used Ubuntu to help resolve issues, and packaged up various HP software components for Ubuntu on HP servers. What did I like about it? Helping users resolve real problems. What could I have done better? Actively seek out ProLiant/Ubuntu users to get a macro level view of the issues they were facing. I was otherwise mostly reactive.

My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

  • Fixed a build failure in screen

  • Found a build failure in procps due to broken functionality in pwdx; identified fixes from upstream and prepared a fix for Ubuntu.

  • Found a couple of lshw issues using Ubuntu (discovered while hacking on MAAS on ARM). Triaged and discovered that one was a years-old bug reported in both Ubuntu and Debian. The other had not yet been reported. I reported and fixed both of these issues upstream (,, worked with the Debian maintainer to get these fixes uploaded to sid, and finally resolved the bugs in Ubuntu when the package was sync'd.

  • LP: #1053306: User had an intermittent - but severe - issue with open-iscsi hanging. Used online analysis to root cause, created a simple reproducer, found a fix upstream, backported & got it SRU'd.

  • LP: #1035110 - root caused a MAAS issue with highbank platforms due to a missing driver, identified a fix & got it SRU'd

  • Created a project to add unofficial support for the Arndale development board (

  • Got a couple of my patches SRU'd so that users could use LTS qemu to emulate highbank (LP: #1030594, LP: 1030588)

  • Contributed a charm that lets you deploy a qemu instance running Ubuntu/armhf onto a public cloud w/ transparent network connectivity.

I try to take an Upstream-first approach though, so a lot of the things I've worked on have come in indirectly e.g. via debian, or

Areas of work

These days I mostly work with the Ubuntu ARM and MAAS teams to add and maintain support for ARM SoCs. I often find myself needing to fix bugs in core packages - often just backporting changes from upstream - and it'd probably be more efficient to do so w/o seeking a sponsor. I also contribute to charms on occasion.

Things I could do better

Keep up with more mailing lists. I suck at following high-traffic lists.

Plans for the future


Continue what I'm doing today (see Areas of work), and work on issues regarding the arm64 port.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Unnecessary divergences from upstream. I hope to maintain rigor about pushing things back upstream.


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Serge Hallyn

Dann has been a great help behind the scenes with software like multipath-tools and qemu-kvm.

See for instance bug for which he unfortunately frequently gets no credit in the changelog. I wholeheartedly endorse Dann for coredev based on my previous packaging work with him.


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