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I am David Walker, a [http://www.csh.rit.edu Computer Science House] member at the [http://www.rit.edu Rochester Institure ot Technology], majoring in [http://www.cs.rit.edu Computer Science].

I have not yet been involved in any open source projects, however I want to change that. I have been programming since I was 8, and am now 19. I have a strong grasp of numerous languages including, C, C++, Java, Perl, PASCAL, and Basic. I have recently been developing client-server software to interface touchscreen computers with Computer Science House's network, which includes 2 network operated [http://www.csh.rit.edu/projects/drink/ drink machines]. In the past I have designed small text based games, muds, from scratch as well as creating a GTK interface to the game.

I would eventually like to get working with the Gnome/X packagement, however to begin I would like to work on higher level things like, XMMS, Gaim, Mozilla's, in other words programs that users use.

Being a full-time student, Evaluations Chairman, and working, I do not have a lot of free time. However, any given day I can put a few (3-5) hours in. That does not include weekends where I have lots of time.

[mailto://azrail@csh.rit.edu azrail@csh.rit.edu]


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