David Groos

Email: <djgroos AT gmail DOT com>

... I've been (mostly) a Middle School Science teacher for the last 19 years, teaching HS for 3 of those. My last 16 years or so have been with the Minneapolis Public School, though I started teaching in New York City while working on my MA in Secondary Science Teaching.

I've been working towards a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction with the University of Minnesota over the last three years. With support from many quarters I've been working on a project since 2001 which is currently under the name, GrowingCommunitiesOfScientists. As Ubuntu plays a major role in this project, there are many pages in this wiki that relate to this project. The goal of these pages is not only to help this project succeed but also to provide information for other schools to include Ubuntu in their program. If you're interested in taking a look at what's going on check here: MinnesotaTeam/Education. All volunteers warmly welcome!

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