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=== Debugging Connection managers ===
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You can also test connection-managers using the `telepathy-inspector` package.
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=== Debugging Apps ===

This page intends to give an overview over how to efficiently debug Telepathy problems.

Debugging Connection managers

If problems occur in connection managers, the debug output can help sometimes:

  • For telepathy-salut:

    SALUT_DEBUG=all telepathy-salut
  • For telepathy-gabble:

    GABBLE_DEBUG=all telepathy-gabble

You can also test connection-managers using the telepathy-inspector package.

Debugging Apps

If problems occur in clients, you can get debug output for them too:

  • For gossip:

    GOSSIP_DEBUG=all gossip
  • For cohoba:

    /usr/lib/cohoba/cohoba-applet -w
    /usr/lib/cohoba/cohoba-applet houston

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